How Some Big Pages Are Bullying Content Creators

Posted by troubl3
July 29, 2017

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The new generation is always looking for shortcuts to make a name for themselves and want fame overnight . The best way to reach to a huge audience is to make a public page on Facebook and posting content.Many potential and creative youngsters are using their humor to make a name for themselves. In the race to be the most active and popular page some big names on Facebook are bullying emerging content creators and plagiarizing their content.

In the recent events, a powerful and verified page on Facebook had zucced a page by reporting when they believed the emerging page had plagiarised their joke concept but was the other way round and nothing but a clear instance of the pot calling the kettle black . 

The page is still functioning by posting plagiarized content and stealing the spotlight of some creative MEMERs.

When will these normies make a living out of themselves and not stealing stuff? Is this what acche din meant?

Memes aren’t  any other trend but a revolution and a culture which needs to be conserved and reserved for the upcoming generations. Join my march against these pages by using the hashtag #Lets_Make_MEMEs_Great_Again.

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