How the government benefits when Indians remain ignorant

Posted by Eunice Chawngthu
July 15, 2017

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FACT: 2.81 crore cases pend in different courts all over India.
FACT: In about 60% of these cases, the government of India is the litigant. Though there are no official figures, the estimate so far is pegged at “at least 46%”.

So the government must set its house in order first and not blame the public who hardly ever go to courts.
The net result is that the government sues private citizens with government money and when it gets sued by private citizens who pay from their own pocket and their own labour hours, the government defends itself with advocates, paid by the government to be heard by government appointed judges! And if the government loses the case, the government pays what the court orders it to pay!! No loss to anyone associated with the government here!
What a money churning machine! This is exactly why there are so many pending cases in courts in India.
The general public have little or nothing to do with it.

It is the government that is eating up the precious time of the courts so that courts are unable to spare their time for the grievances of citizens.  This in turn leads to a lower quality of life for Indians as many, many initial stages of crime go un-reported and un-checked and citizens have to ultimately adapt their lives to live around these ever present dangers. Thus women, the weakest sections of society are the first casualties and amongst women, single women are more vulnerable and amongst single women it is those hailing from the minority communities and those from the marginalised sections that suffer the first and indeed the most. There will of course be no prizes for guessing where these initial stages of crime lead to.

Now, as women do not live isolated in society, it is their men whom they are associated with, usually by birth or marriage who also become a part of this cycle of adaptation as they re-arrange their lives to protect and take care of “their” women. So in the end, the men are not spared from the deficiencies of the justice system as they need to change their lifestyles completely. When both women and men have to change their lifestyles to accommodate  initial crimes as a part of their lives, society is affected and when society is affected, the nation is affected and before we know it, India is topping the charts of the most dangerous nations on earth for women, right alongside war ravaged countries like Afghanistan. All because we in India do not dare to litigate

It is thus, an obvious fact that Indians, private citizens, need to go to courts more often if we want to see any kind of reform in our lives and in our country.
Judges who complain about the heavy workload should step aside and make way for others. There are many patriots who are willing to step into their “overburdened” shoes…..

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