how we can be so judgemental in our interview process?

Posted by Sumiit M Dawane
July 6, 2017

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Hey folks ,

Hope you all are doing great & enjoying monsoon around. This article or more precisely my story that i’m writting today is about how we get judgemental about things around us. Especially , being an HR professional i’m gonna write about an observation that i made about how we actually act so typical & stereotype when we hire people. Many of you may relate to this  to the some extent because; i believe uou would have come across these situations at least once in a life.

I basically did my IT studies (but no skills unfortunately 😓) . However , moved to HR after a struggle of 1.5 yrs & glad that am doing pretty well here. In a span of 1.5 yrs (as per corporate world “GAP”) i almost gave 20-25 Non IT interviews including both in small as well as big MNCs but couldn’t clear. Why ? , coz i’m from IT background ! Coz as per them IT graduate can’t stay longer in Non IT roles ( Judgmental ) ! Coz i’m a fresher!

Now the question arises here is – how can we judge somebody or his stability only on the basis of his education background? Isn’t that sounds stupid? What if tomorrow the same guy generates high revenue for an organisation. On the other hand , may be thats how we judge people in their interviews. But i’m really thankful to all those big names who rejected me that time & to bring the best out of me. After a struggle of 1.5 yrs i decided to be an HR. ( why? Coz i wanted to change the way we look around, the way we create our own perception) . Started my R & D on HR function & started giving interviews for the same. Now the question that each organisation have asked me that why i want to move in HR from IT? But Sumit was ready with his answer this time after seeing so much & experiencing so much . I couldn’t make up in few Initial interviews but my destiny was waiting for me. I made to one of the leading investment bank in HR department ( who hired me only on the basis of my keen interest & dedication for HR & not being judgemental).

My journey from fresher to working professional began. Now , when i myself being a part of HR field i started learning many things . Aha! Not related to work ( ie by default there) but related to human psycology  & human tendency . I personally feel experience makes man perfect but observation makes man even more perfect. I was observing many things silently around me. That how one behaves, how one reacts in particular scenario, how one reverts to something . Everything was going smoothly but due to some personal reasons i had to lose my job. Again, i was home!

After three months again my interview journey started , and now the questions that i’ve been asked were more horrible & more illogical. ( yes ! You heard it right “illogical).

Sumit, “why there is a 1.5 year gap after your graduation? Why there is a gap of 3months after your last employment? You worked on higher salary why you want to work on lesser salary ? ( i mean cummon, what if candidate is ok) , why you want to travel 1 hour daily from your place to work? Why don’t you join your family business ? ( is it necessary for a person from business family to join family business only! ) , Do you think being justa graduate you should get so n so salary ?

My question to all is , all these questions are really related to somebody’s talent? This can really be the major of talent? Are jobs easily available in the market that one should not have any education or employment gap? Is it really practical to stay in one organisation for longer time ?

Today , i’m a part of one of the leading consulting firm & serving as a recruitment associate wherein i look after recruitments at all level. The only thing changed after all this experience is that –

1) I don’t get judgemental while screening candidates today.

2) for me if candidate has any gap in education or employment that means he/she has survived the darker side & more capable to handle risk that they’ll encounter in their career ladder.

3) for me if candidate has changed 5 jobs in 5 yrs he has that capability to compete in the market , and that’s the reason he could serve to five other organisations.

4) for me even IT graduate can do well in Non IT role & can stay longer.

4) for me before jumping on any conclusion it’s really important to understand other side of coin.

Still, the main concern is are we really ready to take up our hiring process this way? Is India ready to hire people on basis of their skills by going beyond traditional method of hiring?






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