Humanity Is A Luxury, Indeed. Not Everyone Can Afford It!

Posted by Nida Z
July 6, 2017

I could not believe my eyes and ears to witness it – the news of lynching innocents on the grounds of beef-eating suspicion, protesting against peeing in public at any given point of time! Come on, I mean seriously! Is it happening for real in my country? I am a 28-years old woman and writing something publicly what follows might create an opportunity for many among us to call me ignorant; but if I had to tell the truth, I feel no shame in admitting that if anyone had asked me five years ago to recognize a person’s caste tagged with his/her surname, I would have terribly failed. Today, I feel that was a beautiful time. Ignorance was undoubtedly bliss for me!

In the past few years, I have subconsciously learned a lot of irrelevant stuff that is dangerous and has a huge potential to foster nothing but hatred. For example, today I can tell people’s caste the moment I look at their last names. Wow! What an accomplishment! Isn’t it? Here, I am talking about the exposure I received upon completing my university education: at my workplace, through the news I watched on TV and read in newspapers, at social media, by listening to the people’s conversation over my metro commutations, and so on so forth; the list is very long as these are few things of a huge lot that I could observe and point out consciously. Just like me, many of my countrymen acquire this dangerous attitude through similar media whose repercussions could be gruesome for the humanity. This knowledge is of no good use, my dear friends!

I purposely used the term ‘humanity’ above as lynching mobs are not humans. Period. As far as the term ‘humanity’ is concerned, it constitutes the superlatives of the beautiful characteristics such as self-realization, compassion, enlightenment, kindness, intelligence, love and soulfulness. Who do you think these mobs are besides a group of shameless beasts in the shapes of humans, who seek pleasure in killing innocent people in the name of nationalism and religion? Which logical algorithm they follow before they act? Oops, they are non-humans! How could I expect anything mindful out of such insane beings! My bad!

However, while there are people who are expressing their anguish over such killings based on caste, religion, nationalism, and sex which precedes the criminal act of rape also, I am immensely sad to know that there is another group among us who are justifying these killings. It has been happening for quite a time now. Their understanding on the above-mentioned and their ‘Hows’, `Whys’ and ‘Buts’ are beyond my comprehension, so I would not dig down deeper in order to mine their intellectual abilities. Every nook and corner of the whole nation is observing protests to wake up the present government and seek constitutional intervention to control it, but few among us call the protests as drama too! I would say this very drama of lynching needs to stop right now! Enough of this sh*t! And I have a serious suggestion for the lynch-supporting group – if you cannot keep your sick brains into your bodies, please trash them out for the sake of humanity and mind your own business instead of justifying these killings blindly.

Did I say ‘humanity’ again?

I feel terribly pathetic to ask for something so fundamental, so basic.