I Failed All My Side Projects, Here’s What I Learned

Posted by Keshav Trehan
July 23, 2017

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I am still a student, as many of you might know. I have had a long history of failed side projects, each of them leaving with a pinch of learning and motivation to not stop trying.

I have realized the importance of side hustles in the last couple of years even if they have not helped me earn any cash but have done wonders when the thought of exposure is put to the table.

After shutting down my latest brand last week, Irresistibly Offensive Memes, an Instagram page posting all the great memes from all over the Internet, the success of which I over-anticipated, I feel stranded. I am quite a meme-consumer and had believed following this interest of mine would help me establish a concrete brand, only to realize the time and efforts invested were not in proportion with the traction and audience I had managed to gain. Hence, deleting it remained my only option.

My other project, BestThisWeek, a weekly email newsletter, I had planned to initiate, crashed before it ever took off. I got little to no subscribers whatsoever and felt it worthless to start the newsletter anyway.

Here’s what I learned- for any side project, you need more planning than execution. Which is obviously antithetical to general and most commonly accepted principle of life one has to offer. But, it’s true. I have had the first-hand experience of it.

Execution of any side hustle entails a reasonable amount of time which indeed is difficult to manage. Side projects need to be designed in a way that it immediately can get an audience or customer base. One can’t manage to have full-time job, set up a process and get people to use it all simultaneously.

And this realization dawned on me when I understood I had planned poorly of how I would set things up. I had an idea, and within few hours it had an online presence. Which I now find wrong.

I have discerned of superiority of planning over execution when the task of setting up an online brand is in hand. I would now use this knowledge as I sail for my next project.


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