I wish i could reclaim my life

Posted by anjali SINGH
July 23, 2017

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I hail from a place which does not allow a women to safeguard her own interests. here psychology says, women are meant to cook food, clean clothes and her remaining time should be spend to look after her husband. men have the birth right to distend their wives in anyway, After all god has manufactured them with a different power.

sometimes I dont understand that is it the place that makes the people helpless or are the people who keeps on following the same notion because it has happened till now in a proper manner. society talks about the women safety and their protection. but the reality is that 80% women are still leaving as prisoners. you can find them in every next door in your neighborhood. you must be seen many overprotective fathers and their concern regarding their growing daughters, as soon they cross the eighteenth platform they are being asserted to commute clothes in proper manner, to have dupatta , not to wear jeans, sleeveless tops are strictly prohibited because “bahar ki duniya acchi nahi hai” so women have to pack themselves. but the same fathers do not look other’s daughters in a good way.

I have my own  life experience. I used to live in my friend’s place and her father was very adorable till the time i smell his ugly intentions. So I dont understand why the hell parents dont start from their own house. I mean why the hell do you restrict your daughter to wear anything. she knows what is good or bad for her, Please do not impose your quirky rules on her!! she is born to live. so let her live!!!! “jinki nazre gandi hai vo hamesha rhengi unka kuch nhi kiya jaa sakta” dont make her life a pandemonium.

i request to all the fathers outside, Please let your daughter free to think, laugh and speak…… and I am sure she would not need to find love from someone else, you will be her role model.

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