Immigration Assistance Simplified

Posted by Sayesha Nayar
July 18, 2017

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Going to live permanently in a foreign country and stuck in Immigration issues? Worry not; you are not the only one! Everyone out there feels heavy on heart when Immigration formalities are to be done. But Immigration is not as complex as it looks. Simplifying the immigration process, it refers to the international movement of people, into a destination country of which they do not possess citizenship in order to reside there, as permanent residents, or to take-up employment as a migrant worker or temporarily as a foreign worker.

And what further defines immigration is the Immigration Law.


Immigration law refers to national government policies controlling and managing the immigration of people, and other matters such as citizenship. Immigration laws not only vary from country to country, but also as per the political climate of the times, as sentiments may fluctuate from the widely inclusive to the deeply exclusive of new immigrants.

Providing Immigration Assistance

There is a pool of authorised companies which provide immigration assistance and who can really help you to ease out on Immigration. The Section 280 of the Migration Act 1958 states that a person who is not a registered migration agent must not give immigration assistance, unless one of the limited exemptions applies. This is the case even if a fee is not charged.

Giving immigration assistance without being a registered migration agent is an offence of ‘strict liability’, which means it does not have to be proven that a person intended to commit the offence — doing the act is itself enough for a conviction.

Registered migration agents:

  • must comply with a Code of Conduct (MIGRATION AGENTS REGISTRATION AUTHORITY, MARA)
  • must have professional indemnity insurance, and
  • can be subject to sanctions by the Office of the MARA, such as being cautioned or having their registration suspended or cancelled.

One should get immigration advice only from (1) a licensed lawyer or (2) a representative of a not for profit agency recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) of the U.S. government.

Knowledgentia Consultants is one of those expert corporate, legal and intellectual consultants in Delhi, India which can cater to all your immigration requirements. The company provides best immigration services and holds reputed experience in the Industry since 10 years. Immigration is a big deal but with such simplified immigration assistance, one can easily relocate without any fuss.

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