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INDIA: A college girl might be harassed and her account details hacked. How to get help?

Posted by Shakti Saran
July 18, 2017

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A girl in college 1st year might be harassed and her online accounts details hacked. I asked her if she wants to complain to police, however, she said she doesn’t. Perhaps she’s scared. I told her that I wouldn’t mention her specific details in public.

She had contacted me initially and had got my number from fashion website. She and I were chatting in WhatsApp. She had asked for my email id to send her resume to me.

A short while after our chat, a guy WhatsApp’d me and said that he had found my email id on my site. He wasn’t messaging clearly that why he was writing to me and so I had blocked him.

Some hours later, I searched for the girl’s Facebook profile which I couldn’t find. I told her the same. Then she shared her Facebook name with me. I found her profile and saw the person who had WhatsApp’d me in her friends list. The girl told me that she hadn’t told him about our chat details.

Her first message to me was this: Hello sir! ..I’m [name] from [location]. I have got your contact from Indian fashion designer website.

Please help in this regard including by connecting me with any suitable people in cyber cell so that I can share with them the details.

There’s a difference between small and big issues. If she’s threatened and harassed and finds herself weak against this person to confront the person and end the abuse then this is a big issue.

Please note that I don’t want to register a complaint with law and enforcement because the girl herself doesn’t want to do that and so my effort in that way wouldn’t be helpful. Would sharing the details with law and enforcement help if this person is harming her and any others? Hence, I thought to share with anyone suitable in law and enforcement.

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On 16th July 2017, I wrote the LinkedIn article and on 17th July, I saw the Facebook sponsored post of Youth Ki Awaaz video of partnering with Facebook and then I signed up on YKA from my mobile and today the 18th July I’m writing this post on YKA from my computer. 

It’s great to be human, I wish us best!

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