Posted by Murty Ksvs N
July 25, 2017

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The attitude of the Government of India towards China appears to be not that appropriate in the given circumstances prevailing domestically as well as globally. I feel that India should think  in favour of People’s Republic of China recognizing the One China Policy and there by strengthening  friendly relations with China. Aggressive policy is not at all suggestable.

Indian polity may be ready for a war against China but certainly neither the indian economy nor the society is in a position to bear the war circumstances therefore it is not the question of our military capability but the whole lot of other factors that needs to be taken in to account while dealing with China. We can undoubtedly maintain  similar ties with China as that of our ties with the United States. The Parliament should realize that people at large are more important than the piece of land at the border, this is not to be considered as defeat or stepping back but to be treated as chess move so as to safe guard the interests of the society in general and the fragile economy in particular. As a firm Nation that believes in World peace and having great regard in the UNO we must deal with China across the table than on battle field.

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