INDIA: how to find high quality milk products and restaurants?

Posted by Shakti Saran
July 22, 2017

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New coconut water brand at 24×7. How do you find it if you’ve had it? I was going to drive a long distance to some big market to see what’s new and then I thought what I’ll eat there since it was getting night.

I’m unsure of meat and paneer quality used by restaurants in general. I’m unsure which restaurants have high hygiene standards unless it’s a 5 star hotel.

After 24×7 shop, I went to the Subway nearby and it was packed. Another restaurant next to it was empty.

Do many Indians find Subway a better option than many other restaurants also because of what they think of its hygiene standard and food quality.

I bought Swiss Lindt chocolate which is very expensive for me thinking of its milk quality.

I’m sure there would be other good options also, however, how to find them?

See what my uncle did who graduated from IIT Kanpur

Do you wonder where the top Indians produce, grow, eat and enjoy?

It’s great to be human, I wish us best!


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