India( Pondicherry) & China (Dali) Friendship City Collaboration 

Posted by Dr. Bikash Kali Das
July 31, 2017

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India( Pondicherry) & China (Dali) Friendship City Collaboration


Intro: Dali City was introduced by Mrs.Radha Srinivasa Gopalane , whos spouse Dr. Srinivasagoplane Ramasamy Sechadri , is a  Visiting Professor to Universities in China like Dali University,Jinan Univ. etc. Mrs. Radha .S approached the regional Government representative ,Mr K. Lakshminarayanan ( MLA Rajbhavan )  with The idea of promoting Pondicherry by establishing bilateral ties with Dali City .


Contacts were established through email communications and a meeting was fixed with the help of Dali Foreign Affairs Mr. Xie Yubao.

A formal invitation was sent for the members to visit Dali City  from the Director of Foreign Affairs and a schedule arrangements was constructed for the meeting which included various prospects and areas of Bilateral Collaborations between Pondicherry and  Dali City.

Dali is located in Southwest of China, adjacent to Tibet, Burma and Nepal . Kunming is the nearest international airport and its a very pleasant 3 hours journey to Dali city from Kunming . Can either visit Dali  by Train, Bus or Car , all the three are comfortable.

The culture , the manners of peoples , the love among each other , even in diversity you can see such harmony . I believe I was in heaven on earth for these Days . Everyone in their lifetime should visit the Dali city once ,

With Yunnan  (China )   India can develop bilateral relations and establish friendly values and co-operations in the field of Yoga , Medical Tourism , Educational and Cultural Exchanges etc.

Agenda of Visit :

 This is the agenda for Visit to Dali City Prefecture for initial talks regarding Friendship City Collaboration Between Pondicherry ,India and Dali ,Yunnan .P.R China

Dated: 23rd  July 2016

Executive Team : 3 members Date of arrival : 23rd July 2016

Port of Arrival : Kunming International airport .

Pondicherry Representatives:

  1. K. Laskshminarayanan ,

Representative of Puducherry , designation: Parliamentary Secretary to C.M Puducherry, MLA RajBhavan  ,Former Education Minister

  • Mrs Radha Srinivasagopalane ,  President of PECO (Pondicherry Educational Collaboration Org .)

Dr. Bikash Kali Das -Chinese Consultant .



  1. Discuss Travel and Tourism .Cultural exchanges ,Medical Tourism.
  2. Discuss holding  Conferences and exchange of Ideas.
  3. Exchange of Education and Culture.(Yoga and TaiChi )
  4. Collaboration among Universities, schools , colleges etc.
  5. Discuss Clean Energy, Waste management, Renewable Energy, Solar energy etc.
  6. Discuss Language exchange Programmes
  7. Discuss Export of Sea Foods from India to China.
  8. Discuss establishing Collaborative Consultancy Firms for exchange of Ideas and services between the two Cities
  9. Discuss Jobs, ideas and collaborations to create Job opportunities for both the Cities.
  10. Discuss Youth Exchange Programmes.
  11. Meeting with officials and exchange of ideas
  12. Visit Dali and its areas for a knowledge about the fruitful cooperation.
  13. Discuss Agricultural field.
  14. Discuss our Next Visit and Inviting the Team of members from Dali to visit Pondicherry.

I . Talks with Dali South Asia and South East Asia Policy Research Centre  

Dignitories :

Director of Yunnan Policy Research Centre  :  Mr . Yan Guan Zhou

Director of Dali Branch: Miss. Zhang Jie

Asst. : Mr. James Chen

Image 2 :Directors Yunnan Policy Research centre


Notes and Observations

  1. Discuss about Collaboration with Department of International studies ,

Puducherry and Dali Policy Research Centre ,

  1. Formal Invitation to  Director and their team Center  to visit South India to study Bilateral Exchange Programmes .
  2. Meeting With Foreign Affairs Office of the Peoples Govt. Of Dali Bai Ethnic Group Autonomous Prefecture


Dignitories :

Mr. Xie Yubao : Section Chief, Longshan Administrative center, Xiaguan.












Notes and Observations

  1. Establishment of Joint branch office of Dali Policy Research Centre for South Asia .
  2. Discussion about Consultancy agencies/firms in Dali and Puducherry for helping facilitate development and investments with Puducherry ,India and Dali City .

Formal Invitation to  Director and their team  to visit South India

III .Tour of The  City

Notes and Observations

  1. There are foreigners and many are established here and living for a long time .
  2. Dali is connected to Kunmingand points east by the Hangrui Expressway (G56), which also runs west to Ruili on the Burmese The Dali Expressway (G56₁₁) is a spur connecting it with Lijiang.
  3. Train service under construction to connectShangri-La County and Ruili.


Dali Tian Long Babu -The Film City

It is an artificial Chinese ancient city .The city was originally built for the shooting of the television series Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (天龍八部)  .


Sanyue Jie  : The third full moon of the lunar calendar.San Yue Jie (三月街), or “Third Month Street”, is the biggest festival of the year for the local Bai people. Merchants come from far and wide to sell an interesting array of items — everything from ethnic minority garb to endangered animal parts.Dali

Dali Government agreed to provide space during Sanyuejie for Indian Products.

Yang Ren Jie

Foreigner’s Street : A street in Old Tow

 Guan Yin Tang Temple – The Patron God or Goddess of Bai minority . Buddhism in Dali can be taken as Yunnan Esoteric or Dian Mi, in which Guanyin is much more important than Buddha ,experts referred to the Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) there as Arcarya Guanyin .

IV .Meeting with Dali city various Government departments

Miss.Wang Huiqin- Chairman Dali Youth Association .

Miss.Guo Qiyun- Deputy Director of Sports and Culture .

Miss Zhang Aihua – Cultural and Tourism Minister,

Mr.Ma JingZhong –Foreign Affairs

Mr. Yang Zhi -Sec. Chief Industrial Informations.

Mr. Sheng -Environmental Protection Department

Mr. Li Gao : Deputy Director Agriculture

Notes and Observations

  1. Dali City is having strong ties with Australia .
  2. One third of Dali population is Youth .
  3. Programmes for Youth to travel and making new contacts
  4. There are areas of collaboration with Youth association Dali for Youth Programmes.
  5. Miss Zhang Aihua the Director of Cultural and Tourism Ministry is former Chinese actress .Dali City was visited by Bollywood film Industry .
  6. Use of Youths for travel ,making new Contacts ,Exposure to open their mind –Private & Governmental Schools – Science ,sports ,Cultural exchanges
  7. Organised industrial Commerce-Invitation to participate in diff. Trade Fairs of Pondi- Pondi. Commercial association federation – Heritage forums
  8. Establishing common associations and committees in Govt. Level ,Institution level and Private level .
  9. Working in 3 levels : National level,Local govt level, Private level
  10. Setup a Govt level association – Local Govt level exchanges –Exchange Programmes for Young People’s from Industries and companies .Funds and schemes- Support from Govt and NGOs- Pondi- Dali Friendship Association –Invitation for state level Cultural ,educational Programmes.
  11. -Collaboration with Hospitals for Medical tourism Programmes .
  12. Separate bodies to take care of students ,Tourists ,Officials visiting Pudu and Dali.

V.Visit to Dali University – Sports and Physical Education Department .

Mr. Li Xiao Bing Vice president ,Dali University,

Prof. Zhang Yingfu Dean , College of Physical Science

Mr. Liu  Ming  Director , International Exchange &Cooperation Division

Prof.Tian Kunlun : Vice Dean , College of Clinical Medicine

Miss. Gao Jinfeng : Vice Director , Administration

Notes and Observations

  1. Dali University has established two campuses , One is in Xiaguan (hehua campus), Another is in Old town (Gucheng Campus).The Xiaguan Campus is comprising of Medical , Nursing , Biology students , whereas in Gucheng Campus is rest fields of Study such as Arts and Culture, Sports, Language etc.
  2. Aproximately 404 Indian students studying in Dali University , Hehua campus located in Xiaguan .Majority of students are from India and Nepal , 278 Indian students graduated till now  .It has collaborations with 48 Universities from 22 countries.
  3. Joint teaching Programmes with University in Thailand ,+2 and 3+1 teaching modules.
  4. There is scope for Yoga training center in Dali University through collaboration with the University .

V.Visit to Dali City Industries,- 


Ouya Milk Company

Exporting Milk powder to Germany , Thailand.

Walnut Milk Production.






Dali Waste to Energy Plant and Waste Management

  1. Traditional Landfill , Incineration Method of Waste to Energy Producing Electricity.
  2. Village and City garbage are collected separately
  3. Subsidies provided by Govt.

The cost of Machinery is cheaper  

  1. than European Companies.
  2. San feng Company have Joint Collaboration with Chongqing WtE Firm

Notes and Observations

  1. 9 million  Domestic Tourists every year.
  2. International Tourism and Medical Tourism scope for India
  3. Possible Export Wallnut, Ginseng, Germ Seeds,Garlic, Mushrooms,Silk.
  4. Possible Import Seafood  (market survey required), textile market
  5. Tractors -Exported to Myanmar
  6. There are 192 Enterprises in Dali.
  7. Dali’s requirements: Educational developments and associations ,Common federation and association and committees .Government level and Institutional level associations.



Banquet with the Hon.Governor of Dali ,Mr. Tian Jian Quan and

Other Ministers of Dali City


Dali is mainly two places The Heritage Town ( Gu cheng ) and New Town (Xiaguan) ,It is located on one side of The beautiful Erhai lake .Dali City is also known as the Wind city.

The Representatives were kind heartedly welcomed in Dali city . They were honored by The Honorable Governor Mr. Tian Jian Quan, who is A wise Gentle man with a kind heart and also a beautiful Singer.

During the visit  had meetings with Miss Zhang Aihua – Cultural and Tourism Minister, Where was found opportunities of Medical Tourism , Joint ventures in Film and Television Industries with South India and Dali City , Heritage & Culture activities.

Miss. Wang Hui Qin , Chairman Dali Youth Federation showed interests in Youth programmes and Educational Exchanges for students.

There are areas in which The Think Tanks of Yunnan and India can work  together and find out more opportunities and give light towards many issues between India and China.

The first day was welcomed by  Mr . Yan Guan Zhou – Director of Yunnan Policy Research Centre  and  Miss. Zhang Jie  Director of Policy Research Centre , Dali Branch.

Also during the stay had visited Various Industries in Dali we met The Loving Bai Minority peoples ,and came to know that Dali is having  27 fraternal nationalities , including 13 traditional homelands minority namely:  the Han,  Bai,  Yi,  Hui,  Lisu,  Miao,  Naxi,  Zhuang,  Tibetan,  Brown, Lahu,  Achang,  Dai,  and all  fraternal peoples have a  tradition of mutual respect and mutual love from generation to generation,  all  minority peoples live in harmony in this beautiful land.

At the end Minutes of the Meetings were signed by sides both representatives and wish in the future the legacy of Friendship between Puducherry  (India)  and Dali ( China) will be carried by the peoples to come .

Dali University ,Sports and Physical Education Department is situated in a beautiful location , Prof. Zhang Yingfu ,a Scholar and the Director of Sports Department is a Gentleman with many skills .

In Dali City have Opportunities and potential for establishing Yoga training centre & base and exchange of Taichi and Yoga with India.

During our visit we had meetings with  Mr. Li Xiao Bing Vice president of Dali University, Prof. Zhang Yingfu Dean , Sports Department ,Mr. Liu  Ming  Director , IECD ,Dali University .

The First India -China Yoga Summit was held in Dali University, approximately 1700 students participated .Dignitaries like B.K S Iyengar , The Consolate General India, Indian Ambasador Ashok K Kantha  were among the Chief guests .

The culture , the manners of peoples , the love among each other , even in diversity you can see such harmony . I believe I was in heaven on earth for these Days . everyone in their lifetime should visit the Dali city once ,

Currently in Dali there are approximately  460 Indians are living , among them 330 students in Dali University .

With Yunnan , China , Southern  India can develop bilateral relations and establish friendly values and co-operations in the field of Yoga , Tourism etc.

It is always possible to make friends with China . To understand China we need to understand its Culture . A culture based on Humility and Discipline.



By. Dr. Bikash Kali Das

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