Inequality to reservation

Posted by Pravin Kushwaha
July 2, 2017

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The very umbrella term ”Social-engineering” or ”Social-science” usually hovers over inequality or gap.
Whenever one speaks of inequalities. It is usual for the listeners to assume that one is not speaking of lack and backwardness of equality in physical strength, quickness of tongue or store of wisdom, qualities that nature supposedly bestows in different measures on different individuals.
One’s mind rather goes to inequalities in wealth, income and ease-affordability-accessibility of life, which, in turn, determine corresponding degrees of access to opportunity, skills as well as knowledge.

Inequalities in such material spheres affect directly and indirectly or either ways also our well-being and even intellectual capacities and such differences in human abilities may fairly be said to be derived from our social inequalities rather being nature-given.

Further it can be derived in to much nuance terms such as different derivatives of inequalities which are either affiliation to certain ideologies (Brahmanical-Patriarchal ideology- In Indian context) or a basic form of evolution of Human-being towards holding more and more resources.
More exclusively gender-caste-sect-religion-race-region may be primitive order of inequalities which further translate in to discrimination which further converge to Hate.
One dominant factor which I earlier quoted “possession of resources” or ”economy” plays a crucial role for social-engineering.

In Indian context, when the Nation was in the process of making (pre- and post-colonial era both), the industrialization-free market-liberalization-primitive concept of communism through socialism processed and produced the concept of equal and fair opportunity- at certain extent ”an egalitarian society” irrespective of gender-caste-sect-religion-race-region and further comes the concept of reservation for suppressed-exploited and backward (both socially and economically-Subalterns and Minorities) sections of the society.

Another section also exists for the reservation due to not only biology and but also bigotry- Female (also this section has been exploited both socially and economically for years).
Still there we hope the place for Third Gender in constitutional wheel for equal order of nation.
A large section of population is struggling for reservation and another large section demanding for reservation-free country but has the true pursuit of reservation been achieved yet?!
NO, I say Not Yet. Where is the Social Justice?!
Have the people started judging one by one’s ability? Have the people been recovered from bigotry?
Don’t you agree with me?– What’s happening in Presidential election?
Do you judge / back the candidates (both Mrs. Meira Kumar & Mr. Kovind) by their virtue / achievements / aura?
OR they have only virtue– DALIT ?!
Don’t confuse yourself to call reservation a policy of another inequality until social and economic justice together!

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