Does Feminism represent Anti-Men?

Posted by Bindita Sinhä
July 24, 2017

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“There never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers.”
                                                                                                                  —Susan B. Anthony


We are living in the prevalent democracy of the world; we are the folks of one of the world’s most miscellaneous country with more than eight religions with a number of communities. With the gigantic number of population, India is also a domicile where people worship the different types of Goddesses on the name of ‘Puja’ and they accept as true the ‘Puja’ greatly. Convictions, faiths, beliefs these are very brawny sensations which are exceedingly personal and influential. It is the power of ‘Belief’ that a human being can do and accomplish the whole thing. But generally the emotions of ‘Belief’ come out as a misapprehension. Currently, Feminism is a dupe of this delusion or fallacy. We need feminism, not only for Women but also for the formation of a complete society. But people hardly understand the concrete meaning out of it, the actual ideologies out of it and the real meaning out of it?


India necessitates Feminism because Women are still stay behind beneath a patriarchal society where pretense, misconceptions, false notions, social standards etc. are so much essential than the life of a woman. We have a very deprived gender fraction, we have a squat sharing of women workers in the labor force, we have a subordinate female literacy, we are still belligerent with the solving dowry & dejection, in every 2 hours a girl is being raped and molested and so on. We by and large have a fancy to tell our sons to have ‘fun’ but we tell our daughters to stay safe, our parents instruct their daughters not to stay at outside in the night, not to be dressed in any let slipping clothes, not to mix up with the guys with a never ending elongated list but our parents never teach their sons ‘How to Behave’ with a Girl. With all these social convictions people get the wrong idea about the Feminism.

First of all, Feminism is utterly not about hating men or evicting Men rather Feminism considers in equivalent rights for women. A feminist’s scrap for the equal rights has nothing to do with anti -man. People assume that only women are the feminists not men, which is absolutely a mistaken perception. Men can be feminists as well if they truly would like. Anyone who holds up for the equal rights for women is a feminist. Our society accept as true that feminism advises women to be career familiarized more than to be family familiarized in a company with not to get married which is enormously wide of the mark. Women are requiring for growing their career not for the others for trying to make an impression but for themselves.

Feminism certainly not articulates a woman who resides at home and heaves a family is subjugated or regressive. It values a woman who has preferred to turn out to be a homemaker to the extent that it embraces a woman who steps out and builds a mark in the immensely bad commercial world. The most significant mistaken belief about Feminism is the trust of seizing the ‘Authority’ which is a general myth. Feminism is not a struggle for the ‘Authority’; it is the struggle to bring women up to the same platform as men. A different common myth is feminism exists on social media. Nevertheless, the term is connected often in some combinations with the words ‘social activism’, ‘Twitter activism’ and ‘campaign activism’ and so forth. Numerous people who shore up for Feminism do not have any social media accounts for the reason that feminism is a natural phenomenon which cannot be instilled or use to draw the attention on the way to. Feminism is not about asking for a seat to men in public transport if that is not possible in that situation; rather it is all about against the Gender Reservations. A strong feminist never bound herself or himself in the shackles of ‘Gender’.


It is the high time to feel and we should try to revolutionize the states of minds with the mistaken beliefs. In all society Women are similarly important and needed too. Without women, a nation cannot develop. We deserve the equal rights as we do not have. I am not comparing with men for your knowledge. Equality is needed but that should gain equally not by dividing the genders.  




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