Is it Our Choice To Bleed? 12% GST on Sanitary Napkins Is Brutal

Posted by Ritu Pandit
July 18, 2017

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I am a woman and I can understand the unwanted pressure of life for being a woman. There are protests, candle march and global development authorities working hard to give equal rights of living for women in the modern world.

An Indian woman does not have an easy life and it’s screwed if you are poor below poverty line. I did my survey if it’s right to pay taxes on something we don’t have control over. I am trying to put out some of the facts poking my head like needles and my hearts wants to bleed out of helplessness in this brutal men’s world. You much watch this web series man’s world to know more about women.

Condoms are free but Sanitary for 12%:

Why our government provides free condemns in public hospitals but not sanitary napkins.  I have come through women who use dry grass, dry soil and many inhuman methods to fight their menstrual. Isn’t it our basic human right to get sanitary napkins at cheap prices?

23% population below poverty line with 70Rs earning:

What were our finance ministers thinking while putting 12% GST on sanitary napkins? Isn’t he aware of millions of people in our country live below poverty line who can’t even manage their food for living? How will these women afford such expensive hygiene for themselves when they don’t even have proper clothes to wear?

Do We Have Control Over This?

We did not choose to bleed. It was given to us by nature and we do not have any power to stop it. Then why women are forced to pay for something they don’t have control over. We can’t let it flow. It is our every months need.

Today, being a woman I feel so helpless. Shouldn’t sanitary napkins align under subsidy? Menstrual is not a luxury women are born with. Government is allotting hefty of money for “Sulabh Shoshalya” then why 12% GST on sanitary napkins?  12% GST on sanitary napkins is as cruel as any other women harassment.



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