Is Modi Govt the most trusted in the world as claimed by Indian media?

Posted by Faisal Imam
July 16, 2017

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 “Narendra Modi’s Govt is most trusted in the world”, was a claim made by the multiple media organisations yesterday. This claim was made on the basis of certain data that Forbes published yesterday.

According to Forbes, We topped the list of selected countries which has the most confidence in the Governments. Canada, Turkey and Russia came in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th position according to Forbes.

After Forbes published, multiple Indian media organisations went to town proclaiming that India came out on top in the index of countries with most confidence in their Government. Here are some of the initial headlines published by media organisations.

1.India tops global index of countries with the most confidence in their government: TOI

2.Modi government most trusted in the world, voted by 73% Indians: Report : India Today

3.India tops list of most reliable government with 73% citizens’ confidence rate: Report :TimesNow

4.Indians top OECD survey on public confidence in the government, Canada comes second:Scroll

So, is Indian Government indeed the most trusted by its citizens as compared to other countries? No, not really. 

So, is Indian Government indeed the most trusted by its citizens as compared to other countries? No, not really.The subheading in the Forbes graphic clearly says, “Confidence in the national government in selected OECD countries (2016)”, the operative word being “selected”. OECD which is an abbreviation for ‘Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’ is an intergovernmental economic organisation with 35 member countries. Out of the 35 countries, Forbes had Selected 15 countries and their article was based on data for these 15 countries. Had any of the aforementioned media organisations downloaded the original OECD data and seen the trends by comparing India’s data in previous years, they wouldn’t have picked up such bold and screaming headlines. So, what are the facts?

Not only in India has not topped the list of countries with most confidence in their national Government, the statistics for the Indian Government show a massive 9% decline from 2007 to 2016 and is captured in the table below.

2017 : Report of 2016 (India – 73%)

source:Alt News



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