is Suspicion Subjective or not

Posted by Sheikh Azhar
July 2, 2017

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This is my first attempt to write up a story so please do take up with all the mistakes. I m a medical student born and boughtup in kolkata here want to give vent to my anguish over a birtish law which still endures a position in the legal system of my nation.Let me tell u shortly what leaded me through all the trauma as i practise islam (plz dnt be islamophobic rather m muslimophobic) it was a normal walk to the nearby masjid for the morning prayers .i saw a police patrolling car and some officers having discussion with some boys of my neighbourhood it didnt bothered me and i moved to attend my prayers. Surprisingly when i returned the whole scenario was changed up more cops came in and were talking in a very rude manner after which there mom intervened and faced the same kind of verbal harrasment. But as there dad is a influencial political person soon the cops got some calls and dispersed. I called my lawyer friend and was astonished to find out the cops have legal right to do such acts of human rights violation and clearly he mentioned me complaining to them wont help either .There are some laws like Article 377 where we say no to discrimation while these laws permits the police to take in custody a civilian literally for nothing or on mere suspicion. Just to add is it the right time to show strict rules while a community faces every day of trauma just to be what they are. Will some day my motherland and its inhabitants belive that a skull cap or a turban doesnot makes anyone less indian. ( city kolkata Police station Karaya )

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