Is This 21st Century And The modern India.

Posted by Himanshu Sagar
July 8, 2017

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Islam is the first religion in the world who secures all rights for girls education. but in this 21st century and in our modern India all the trees are cut down but some roots are there, which believe in old tradition.

A family where all the generations are doing same as their past generation is doing. but a man who support their daughters, a man who provide education to their daughter’s till their graduation. a man who do the different thing than their past generations is doing. there is no one in past or in present generation who take this step and thinks different than others. but providing education is enough ?. if daughter want to do the job after graduation their parents not supporting them, now we can says that parents provide education to their daughter just for getting good husband.

only boys have right to do the job ? only boys can dream about doing something ?

if they dont allow their daughter for job then why they are providing education? just for getting good husband and for telling people that i have done the different thing , i have provide the education to my daughter but im not supporting them for job. cause no one do the job in past generation. but its time to change the thinking, they dont know their one allowance can become motivational example for upcoming generation.

is their tradition or thinking not allowing their daughter for job ?

if any daughter want to do the job after education, but parents are not allowing.

to whom she blame ?    herself?

                                               her parents?

                                               her society or tradition?



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