Is Tinder a misunderstood app?

Posted by Ritika Pal
July 26, 2017

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One ‘Swipe’ at a time, Tinder has changed the face of modern-day dating. With the mobile revolution that is happening in today’s time, the dating scenario in also undergoing a massive change. Online dating is not only restricted to matrimonial websites as earlier was the case or a few other dating websites. Tinder has come to the forefront and has completely changed the dating scenario.

Well now coming to the question why an app like Tinder, a popular app in the US is misunderstood in India. Well, there are numerous factors for this but the major question that needs answering is that why after years of modernization, today’s youth is not ready to go out on a date with a person whom they have swiped right on the app, based on preferences. One reason for this could be the taboo which is associated with the idea of dating or casual meeting between two people before marriage, which is a big no in many families even today. Another could be that people are just not ready to be seen with another person of the opposite sex. The fear of what the society will say is ever-present in their minds. Will they gossip about them, will they spread rumors about them or will going out on a casual date with a person of the opposite sex ruin their families’ reputation? All these factors in a way lead to what we say as Tinder being a misunderstood app.

Other than that, it is a pretty known phenomenon that Indian believe westernization causes a negative impact on the youth, hence the apprehension against Tinder. People often see a lot negative than positive with the app. What is amusing here is the fact that on the one side we have apprehensions for an app like Tinder; we are very ok with other online matrimonial sites with similar concept.

For Tinder to be not misunderstood, a lot needs to be done especially educating people about the app. If people know what exactly the app is all about then these apprehensions with the app can be lessened and we can have a society which does not look down upon casual dating between people of the opposite sex.

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