it’s all about the caste

Posted by Priyanka Venkatesh
July 17, 2017

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India has been having the caste system for several years. the idea seems ancient, but is still followed mostly in order to protect the rights and interests of the minority. But today, is that what is actually happening? fake certificates, reservations have all made us forget the actual relevance of the caste system. once upon a time, people would think twice before revealing their caste in order to avoid prejudice. but today, this has been the most discussed topic of the hour. especially when it comes to admissions and jobs.

now how much does it matter? to any deserving candidate, it doesn’t mean much. because there are people who claim these benefits by producing fake certificates and there are also people who belong to the minority community and do not claim these benefits. but sadly, even mere politics is ruled by something like minority issues, which becomes the trump card.

despite caste, creed or religion, we must as citizens of this country protect the interests of each and every ethnicity. equal opportunity must be given for all. our castes must only be a tag which explains our rich past but not our present. our present is better judged by our performances. Hence, ” Equal opportunity for all takes away all trump cards, because in the eyes of justice, we are all one.”

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