JNU, “Highest Stage of Desh Bhakti”, Army Tank In JNU Soon?

Posted by Trilok Singh
July 24, 2017

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Source : Trilok Singh, Indias Journals
Its a sign of JNU that, they always makes headlines through the several Activities or so called Anti-National Activities. We know that JNU already Becomes a focal Stage of Left-Wing Groups or so called LAL SALAM GROUPS. More Recently, The VC of JNU, M Jagadesh Kumar has come up with what can only be described an ‘interesting’ way of instilling national pride and constantly reminding the university’s students of the sacrifices made by the army to protect the country.

JNU VC wants an army tank to be installed on the premises of the university. In other word’s, he asks for a military tank in JNU to install ‘love for Army’.

Trilok Singh, We never support the above concept of JNU VC.. Does above are the Only way to Install nationalism or so called Desh Bhakti in JNU? With the same light My senior College Friend YAKSH told me on my tweet post that it is “Overloaded Nationalism”. In my words, This one is the highest stage of overloaded Nationalism…
Result may becomes in this way; in upcoming day number of universities can demand the another Army tank to Install Nationalism in campus. I believe that, above type of issue really linked to Internal Security of India. JNU can build or install Long national Flags or Indian Nationalist thinkers statue in campus but why they demand Army Tank?

It may becomes a threats of Government as well as Public at large. So, we need to get rid about the same, immediately by appropriate manner.

Further, They didn’t talk about Course, Research, or something related to Education while they always talks about and Pro about Terrorist, Maoist, Anti-Nation Activities or Something different which creates problems to Government, Nation or Public at large.

The latest idea of showcasing a military tank to “instill nationalism” was first brought up in the aftermath of the February 9, 2016 event on campus, where the alleged raising of anti-India slogans led to students being arrested for sedition.

Moreover, JNU VC M Jagadesh Kumar called upon union ministers Dharmendra Pradhan and General VK Singh to help the university procure an army tank to be displayed at a prominent location on the JNU premises. The tank, in his opinion, would help the students remember and respect the sacrifices of the country’s martyrs. The event was attended by cricketer Gautam Gambhir and members of Veteran India, an organisation of Army veterans.

Every concern in India which gets an hype in media is somewhere inspired by any of the political leaders or parties! Same happened here, Communist parties in india (which we call as ‘The Leftist’) has been the source of motivation in this JNU issue. Only Terrorists and separatists are the ones whose voice these people want to become…

Rajiv Malhotra, who has written a book called Academic Hinduphobia, said he was “glad we’re capturing JNU”. “This is not only a victory of taking over Kargil in the external war, but also the victory of taking over JNU in the internal war,” he said. He was supported by Bakshi, who said, that while the gadh (stronghold) of JNU was being captured, the other qilas (fortresses) of Jadavpur University and Hyderabad Central University remained to be captured as well. Indian Express.

Politics are based on caste, Religion, language etc. Called, regionalisation and federalisation of Indian politics. But now in few campus like JNU and such other leftist Politics starts from pro-Terriorist Ideology and anti-nation activities. Which may be called in my word Terrorisation of Politics. JNU becomes a quite high profile Left-wing Groups.. JNU:- New Trends of Politics
Despite all of above, we think that Army Tank is not a secure way to install Nationalism or Desh Bhakti In JNU while this one sure promote the same idea with other universities too. So, the true way to Install nationalism is that, to promote the idea of Nationalist thinkers not a communist or so called Anti- National idea, Promote desh bhakti song, Install National Flag in campus, Poet posters, organize a positive events which supports the Nation, need to Build more Ethics and value, Brain washing of students by the liberal professors not by the Left wing professors which is sponsored by Leftist Group.. I think some of extreme groups manufacturer the mind of JNU Students which is sure becomes threats for Nation, due to changing environment of JNU, India. So, It may becomes a threats of Government, Nation as well as Public at large. So, we need to get rid about the same, immediately by appropriate manner…

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