Posted by Prajesh
July 17, 2017

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I don’t read the newspaper it’s been quite a while now. Nor do I follow any news programme. There was a time before when I would occasionally watch news and at the end of it all I got was a bad headache, if not an exaggerated-irrational deep sense of love/hate on any opinion put up there. Over a period this simultaneous switching between love/hate on all opinions, views, and speakers in such short time fused me out. Like any normal electric bulb would. And so, I decided that I really don’t want this persisting pain and flickering in my head or my heart.

Now, this being said, I can start talking on Junaid. I glanced at the T.V as I was walking up towards the stairs. I read a headline that somewhat said “ Junaid’s killer set free after 5 days of the incident ” I don’t know which news channel that was nor did I bother to check. Now that is really such a sad state of affair. If accused he must be appropriately punished. So, I decided to wait another 2 minutes to listen to the justification on the headline. And one minute later slowly the flickering started and I somehow managed one more minute and I had enough. I moved away reason being that I know I won’t hear what I was hoping to hear off that narrative. That wind was just not blowing his soul in the right direction. All I saw was a lot of hatred and voices adding up to it. Each trying to sound louder than the other. At that time the image of the poor boy lying down dead strikes my mind. And I could not help but walk away from the T.V

I was sure that I was not to hear any apologies for the negligence caused by the authorities or at least a word for promise of justice if not an appropriate explanation that made sense.

As I walked away silently, to a quiet place and closed my eyes. Now I could feel the pain Junaid went through. And my heart is now able to feel for him as if he were my own brother. And deep down I felt this love for him sparkle and slowly burn bright and so I am writing this for you Junaid. Wherever you are. This is my way of sending you my message of love. And I am so glad I did, and that I did walk away from those arrows of radical views fired from all three sides. Which I am sure is in one way or the responsible for this very unfortunate incident.

Now that my bulb is not fused and that I do not have a headache. I used this light to carefully walk up the stairs to my desk to write these words. I hope that now you feel my love Junaid. And bless me so that this bulb can burn without flickering and keep my sight clear.


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