Kindness and Help is the New “SWAG”

Posted by Gauransh Mohan
July 5, 2017

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Warm hello to everyone. This is my first attempt at writing. So spare me 😊

Swag– the new generation’s alternative term for being cool. Well, this is something subjective. For some, it’s wearing trendy stuff, while for some, it’s having luxury items to show, umm may be great posing, or even a way to walk.

I will present a different definition of it. I believe


The time is critical. You can’t count the no. of violent acts that happen in a day. The news channels can go on and on reporting whole day & night. Just because there is so much hatred, selfishness and impatience.We need Kindness and Helpful behaviour more than ever.

I, personally have never refused to help. NO NO I am not talking about Financial ; Monetary help. Helping can take various forms. Help someone cross a road or solve a puzzle.Help some old fella equip with the new technology. Help teach someone who is not as fortuante as you. Help your {not-so-close}friend get some information which you/your friend has access to. Help a small child make a project. Help someone quit a bad habbit.

Dont you underestimate the power these small acts of kindness have !! That person will remember you all your life. The satisfaction that you get, is unmatchable. Trust me. Its same you get when India wins or maybe more than that. And thats how we built a chain of Kindness. ISME KICK HAI !!

Dont wanna get some SWAG today? 



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