Lalu Bhole ho gaye or Nitish Bhasmasur ban gaye-Or Modi Brahma Ban gaye

Posted by Amrit Yaduvanshi
July 27, 2017

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Nitish Bhasmasur

In politics, the chessboard keeps laying, it all depends on how fast you are to catch the chance, if you are a good smeller you can smell the opportunity and definitely you can grab the opportunity. This is exactly Nitish did, Whatever happened in politics is correct because politics is characterless game. Everyone will say to you that politics is a dirty game, every politician play blame game politics with each other but whosoever will get opportunity no one is going to leave. A huge drama on Wednesday evening 26th July 2017 which was already planted in Bihar politics.Nitish kumar blamed over Lalu’s family and resigned, sudden after few minutes BJP announced Nitish as their leader, Sushil Modi and all BJP MLA’s went to meet Nitish Kumar ,JDU and BJP announced for Gathbandhan they both Nitish kumar and sushil Modi met with governor of Bihar and said him to form a alliance government together.In the morning at around 10.30 Nitish kumar took oath as CM of Bihar with BJP and Sushil Modi took oath as Deputy chief minister of Bihar with J.D.U.Woww, It was like fastest finger first and amazingly fast like Kon Banega Crorepati (K.B.C).That is the reason this is called politics Lalu was watching everything and (Lalu was removed like a fly from milk).

Blessing in disguise –Nitish can say, but the same words he said when last time Nitish met with Lalu, Narendra Modi said about DNA that there is something wrong in Nitish Kumar DNA, referring to the frequent change of poltical allegiance of Nitish Kumar. At that time Nitish Kumar sent an open letter to Modi saying that his DNA remarks had hurt the people of Bihar and weakned the collective faith of people in the PM’s leadership.

Now, the situation has been changed Nitish should also give explanations to the people of Bihar.

Lalu should also explain about the alligations of corruption on his family.

BJP is an opportunist they should also explain that (Nitish kumar has charge of murder and they formed a government with him-Lalu Prasad Yadav).




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