lets talk about women…

Posted by Lalita Choudhary
July 6, 2017

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Lets talk about women…A social animal which is never allowed to be social and the reason is so very obvious “men”, sorry 🤐the reason is women’s safety, but from whom “men”.

Just have a look over the offences listed only in IPC – Section 354,354-A,354-B,354-C,354-D,313,326-A,366,366-A,366-B,372,373,375,493,498-A….there are more…these are those few which are listed under IPC and mainly committed by men, and to my surprise i haven’t seen a single offence which is committed by women against men(other thn marital offences ) and comes in the category of heinous crime.

In India senior most male member is considered head of the family, irrespective of the fact that an elder woman is still alive, even law consider women as property of husband. the famous “manu smriti” states that:-
“I hold your hand for saubhagya that you may grow old with your husband, you are given to me by the just, the creator, the wise and by the learned people”.
kitna funny h na…ek jinda insaan kisi ko diya jata h …uska daan hota h (kanyadaan)…she is treated as a commodity…thn came The Hindu Marriage act which compulsated consent of both the parties(even women 😃), this became the hot topic for so called right thinking people that now when consent is taken for marring smone, our marriage institution is no longer sacramental it has become contractual…i have failed to absorb this n reason behind this….where is proposal, acceptance,consideration…they might be seeing dowry(which is banned in India) as consideration and hence concluded it as a contractual one.

We Indians are so astonishing, we are ridiculously insane personalities which live in our own bubble which have no ground and its dangerous. we worship women for wealth, knowledge, power etc etc and kill them for bringing less dowry and look at our overseas development, dowry deaths in Australia, no surprises it travelled..for we are unable to curb it in India forget about stopping it to travel…we have laws but no proper implementation..moreover our apex court do not find dowry death as rarest of rare case…negatively stunning.
we find traces of dowry deaths back to 1960s but forceful laws came in 2006 and their forceful implementation is still awaited.

There are two categories of offences committed against women. first one, which happens and ends for once, second one is which happens and continues to happen for a life time. dowry death falls under first category, victim dies and along with her dies her suffering too.Rape, acid attack, prostitution are some which falls in the second category. happens once, suffered for a life time but according to our apex court these do not fall under rarest of rare cases and capital punishment can not be awarded in every case.

Rape is another tremendously performed offence against women. before 2012 we found writings about this particular offence very limited. children were never made aware of the word and many because of scarcity of education over this topic didnt even knew sm wrong is committed against thm. people always hushed about it, it was always a taboo to the victims family…it took us centuries and a major incident of 2012 to understand that family’s dignity,respect,values is not in the female members vagina. it took us so long to understand that actually women is victim, she is traumatised and seeks our help not questioning eyes.
Rape is not a one go crime its committed slowly and gradually in four diff stages…first when the offender commits it…second when unnecessary and inappropriate ques are asked in police station, smtimes even FIR is not logged…third the useless two finger test to examine if rape is actually being committed, there are so many new techniques but we are stuck to that useless test…fourth when she comes in the society they will never accept her as before…the rapist is accepted but not the victim since she has lost the dignity of victim. 0ne more shocking fact is marital rape is still no crime in India. but all cases of it are not rarest of rare.

Acid attack and prostitution are also crimes whose burden is on victim for a life time. we sitting comfortably in our rooms cant even imagine the pain and suffering of an acid attack victim, her flash rotten, smell is similar to that of a rotten egg, disfigured face and body parts, no. of surgery, life time pain but punishment is only 10yrs to life imprisonment. again a person who forces minor or women into prostitution is punished upto 10 yrs of imprisonment , fine or both.

Have you ever came across an offence against men wholly and solely committed by women and whose consequences are so disastrous. these listed above are few crimes against women, list goes on. thn too women are shut inside not allowed to go out at odd hours because its not safe for thm…we live in a society where men protect women from other men…society is like my brother protecting me from smone else’s brother n his from mine..who are women…definitely not considered humans.

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