Life Begins at the End of Comfort Zone  . 

Posted by Dr. Bikash Kali Das
July 30, 2017

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Life Begins at the End of Comfort Zone  .

It is never as scary as it Looks.

We should always have the courage  to start a new Life at the End of Our Comfort Zone.



Dr. Bikash Kali Das, with Lingtao Kong , Charman of Confuscious Institutions .Pondicherry ,Puducherry , Dali City , Yunnan Kolkatta


The meaning of LIFE changes for each one of us with our existence into the current state of existence ,For some the Life is  now a Business Venture , For some it’s a new travel day , someone may be starting a new day at office and someone’s first day in the College Hostel . It’s never as scary as it looks.

For Someone a Public speaking or A new date, To change the Job or May be for someone to Leave a Life behind and never to Look back.


For me it began when I pushed myself to go alone and meet with the Medical Universities in China to start a Educational Consultancy “ Astudyabroad 99“ ,  I met and talked with mostly all University Deans and mostly got rejected , I was rejected not because my presentation was not good but because the seats were reserved by the different  Agents  , but still I managed to get affiliation fro  2 Medical Universities , at that period of time considered as one of the top Universities in China .The Soochow University and Fujian University

“ Astudyabroad 99“ started during the period of my Graduation and succeeded in admitting 21 students for internship ,at its first shot , in Fuan Medical Hospital , affiliated under Fujian Medical University .

The Journey as an Educational Consultant gave me Courage, Made me Wise and I can say nothing is impossible for me , I can venture into any business and Stream at any Time of My Life.


Dr. Bikash Kali Das, Pondicherry , Puducherry , Dali City , Yunnan Kolkatta 3543535

I had also been the Owner of “AIKE “ The First of its Kind An Indian Restaurant in Dali City , Xiaguan . The City of my Choice .

To Pursue a Dream of Uncertainty which may or may not work out  , This is what Life is and at the End I will be Happy that I lived to my Extreme Do not try to get rid of the Fear , To push myself again and again more out of the Comfort Zone WILL MAKE ME THE…..  .


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