Life has no guarantee card!

Posted by Mohit Shahare
July 2, 2017

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Recently I visited a grand educational fair in the city with my friends. Many premier institutes, colleges and multinational companies were offering jobs, internships and various job oriented courses to the students and job seekers. As we were moving from stall-to-stall my friend inquired about one of the job-oriented course. Upon getting information about the course from its promoter, he asked him diligently, ‘ What’s the guarantee of me getting a job after successful completion of this course?’
And the answer that person gave to him made me realize how unrealistic mentality do we have in our lives. He said, ‘Sir, give me a guarantee that you will be alive after four months, that is, after the completion of this course and i will give you a job guarantee.’
We, really, do have an unrealistic approach in our life. Despite knowing the fact that nothing lasts for long, we search for a guarantee card. We, unknowingly, embark a sense of selfishness in materialistic things. Why don’t we understand that, even the life’s most valuable assets- love, respect, happiness, fame, money(for some), etc. do not come with a guarantee card. Today you are happy, tomorrow you might be sad; today you’ve money, tomorrow you might be a bankrupt; today you’re a complete failure, who knows you might gain an overnight success. Life is full of surprises, and this is, the cycle of life. There are no manuals or guarantee cards to living a successful life. Better live it on your own values and morals.
Generally, what we people do is, look for results and benefits even before starting a work. We never realize that how pleasant the journey would be or what could we learn from it and what experiences could we gain from it. We only focus on the OUTCOME, that’s it!
Every journey has ups and downs, every roads has potholes in it, its up to us how well do we drive ourselves through. Sometimes even after perfect planning, things go wrong and results change. No problem! Setback and Relax for sometime. There is no guarantee that one will reach to his Set Destination at the Set Time. Everything depends on how dedicated we are towards our goal and how many times we have risen up after falling down.
Forget the miseries of life and try to become a person of values. Forget about the guarantee that we get from materialistic things, instead, give guarantee of trust and immense faith that our near and loved ones have in us. That’s a true guarantee. Emmanuel Teney has rightly quoted that, ‘ There are no guarantees. From the viewpoint of fear, none are strong. From the viewpoint of love, none is necessary.’
Our motto on the other hand should be to make ourselves stronger to face the hurdles of life. Once we achieve that we would surely have a guarantee of becoming a successful person.

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