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Lipstic under my Burka tag line should be I want only sex. 3/5

Posted by Amrit Yaduvanshi
July 30, 2017

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Lipstic under My burkha=My Soul wants sex, Yes, if you will give this tag line of new  18+(Adult) movie Lipstick under my burka will not be wrong.Sex everyone wants sex, Sex with boyfriend, Sex with an ex-boyfriend, Sex with the young boy, Sex with Bhabhi, Sex with Husband, Sex with wife, Sex with someone’s wife, sex with someone’s husband, sex with anyone except blood relations.Yes, if you will see this movie this movie story revolves around lust.Whatever you do does not matter.Your age does not matter.You are married does not matter.You are about to marry does not matter, You are a trainer you are a teacher, you are a

Lipstick and Sex

housewife, you are male female nothing matters except sex.Yes, sex matters for this movie we can say like this and I can guarantee you once you will b watch this movie you will agree with me.

This is India my India, Our India, cultural India, Ethical India but the irony is people want to watch this movie even when I was in cinema hall they were watching the movie and murmuring on the most of the scenes on the most of the dialogues.This movie is about four ordinary women’s from the different community, they cheat, they lie, they want freedom but they can’t express because of their ethics.You must have heard about Salman Khan movies song “Mai karu to sala character dheela hai, Baki sab kare to raslilla hai”.Else you can say “Everyone does it but the person who was caught is the thief.A girl who started her college and wants to wear jeans she wants a boyfriend but because her community she becomes a thief.Women that her husband always wants sex from her.A widow old lady wants to fulfill her lust from a young boy.A girl that she is ready to marry according to her mother but she got caught in a room by her mother doing sex with her Muslim boyfriend.

So after watching this movie if you will say ‘pyar kisi se bhi ho sakta hai than definetly you will add this line also bhai sex bhi kisi k sath ho sakta pyar to khama kha hi badnam hai.The point is everyone watching that movie but no one can talk about sex with their children.That what is wrong with it or what is right in it.No one wants to understand that body has their own need, everyone wants freedom either she is girl or boy or she is men or women or she is divorced or widow.The irony of India is no one wants to talk about this kind of issues, even in cinema hall no one was laughing openly, they were smiling murmuring but they were not ready to laugh openly than how we can expect from them that they will talk about this issue.At the end, I will say to you that if you want to watch this movie.But you are from ethical India than you can with your friend not with your parents.Because it might be possible your parents will say “Beta aaj ek meeting hai ghar jaldi jana hai phir kabhi dekh lenge movie chalo ghar chalte hain.It might be possible that may be you will say Papa mai washroom jar aha hu ya ja rahi hun.May be you will tell “papa I am going home because I have to do the study. So, What you will feel after this movie would be “Karta har koi hai, Lekin batata koi nai”.

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