Lord Rama- ethicality or morality?

Posted by Aditya Prakash
July 19, 2017

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Suppose you are in the hiring committee of a “XYZ” company.
Their are two very talented candidates.
One being from a well-to-do family. For him this job is a means to follow his dreams. Even if he does not get this job it won’t effect him much.
The other one belongs to a family whose financial condition is in a  continuous state of decline! For him , this job is the last chance he has. He is going through a state of depression , besides he is also your relative!
Both candidates are equally talented , equally educated but the former one scored one more than the other in your overall analysis of the two!
Who will you choose?
Isn’t this the question of ethicality and morality at the same time? your human instincts would urge you to choose the second one. After-all, there is only a difference of one mark, the second needs the job more , it’s about sentiments, the Humanity!
But, what about ethicality?
You have a clear set of instructions. choose the person most suitable for the job. what if you choose the former guy and even after getting a job he couldn’t cope up with depression and costs the company a large sum of money or just commit suicide? these options and probability appear more vague and also very robotic.
Let’s consider one other case!
The case of Lord Rama and Sita’s “Agnipariksha”!
I will not go into the details of the story, i will not narrate the story from the beginning.
From my perspective and as much as inhuman it may sound and appear,Rama did the most ethical thing. He was on the top of ethical mountain and at the same time  what may some consider as bottom of the same standards.it’s all relative, like for a mouse,a cat is a monster.Of course,as a husband his very first duty was to  guard his wife, when he married her, he promised her that he will be with her irrespective of any condition and scenario, but when he became the king he also promised that he will do the most rightful thing at any given situation and condition. He committed to serving his people above his personal interest.  At the same time both of his vow had a conflict.
What will you choose?
Will you choose to be a great king and serve the nation and people as you pledged? ,will you treat them equally?, will you make sure that people gets the message that everyone is equal and no one is bigger than the law even the king! Or will you choose your wife and fulfill your commitments towards her? , at the same time giving the following messages- “The king is above all”
“The rules are not applicable on him”
“He is above the law”!
Some choices are simple, some are hard and some are  complicated. To choose between being ethically right and morally right is confusing. But being ethical makes sure that the legacy and the message you leave is the right one. what if Rama had choose his wife? instead of getting a message that you should put your nation and law above all, we would have something like -“The king is above everything”!
For a momentary  gain and happiness we can not focus on personal interest! To leave a legacy or a message we have to overcome the obstacles of some emotional anchors! Not everything can be humanized, for somethings a different perspective is needed! for somethings, a few things  should be let go!
To gain a better perspective, we need to look at things from a different angle! 
After-all ,it’s all relative!

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