Mahindra & Mahindra heads to US; manufacturing unit to start operations soon

Posted by Shakti Saran
July 20, 2017

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Great news: Mahindra & Mahindra heads to US; manufacturing unit to start operations soon I think it’s a great initiative and also a way for more Indian professionals to have easier ability to grow and enjoy in the US.

I look forward to when Mahindra vehicles won’t have heavy diesel smoke which is cancerous according to the World Health Organization. Its vehicles give out bad smoke in my apartment complex parking area and I see children playing there and elders and others walking there for years.

Someone had said that even though other vehicles also have diesel engines, however, Mahindra vehicles seem to have much heavier smoke which are felt so much. I don’t know the details. Perhaps Mahindra can share more about it. I did read some news that all Mahindra cars will have petrol models from 2018.


See the wonderful looking place in the image! Do you also have such places around you? Few hours ago, a lady on the 1st floor of my apartment complex said that her apartment often has issues with water supply and that her very elder parents who are visiting often need to go to the washroom. I had gone to different apartments to check about water since it had been stopped for hours. My water supply had come when I had returned to my place. The lady had said that lagta hai ki koi bahut badi pralay aane wali hai (she feels that some very big problem is going to come). I wish it doesn’t and she’s fine with her parents. I told her and her husband that if they require me to try and get more plumbers then to let me know. Another resident on the 1st floor wasn’t getting water and he had called the President of the RWA (Resident Welfare Association), however, his phone was unreachable. The electrician and plumber had been working since many hours as I heard from them. The electrician said that if there were more plumbers then it would have helped. I’ll share with the resident that we having a list of plumbers and electricians who can come at different times of day for a fees would help.

Today several hours before hearing this lady’s issue, I had written this article: Received Govt. of India Income Tax Notice! How Property was purchased! Great leadership by our PM! I suggested her to try and reach our CM who’s growing our leadership with our PM and that share her issue along with hundreds or thousands of others who’re facing similar issue related to construction quality.

Do you wonder where the owners or their children, elders and family in general of top hospitals, clinics and pharmacies grow and enjoy? The top Indians are growing and enjoying around our world! I wish us best!


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