Masturbation- a new tool for molestation

Posted by Kamal Agrawal
July 31, 2017

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In a country where flashing of bra strip is so offending and menstruation is still considered a disease, masturbating of men in public is the new cool. Many recent incidents happened in Delhi and Mumbai caught men shamelessly whipped out his penis and masturbated at the girl. There is no wrong in masturbating either be boy or girl but only in the privacy of your home. Morons doing such horrible act is not less than a rapist and it’s a kind of distant rape. What kind of another manculture they are trying to instigate just like as pulling out the penis and pissing anywhere in public. What do they want to display. All these offensive incidents dipicts that how manly these few men are. Their karma speaks that they have got no other option left than wrenching out their fucking penis and jerking off in puplic to prove themselves a man. But no, you’re not not a man, not a #real_man. There are many legal places you can go and show your lusty instinct, not in public.
Talking about the recent incident took place in Mumbai local train on June 29 where a man masturbated at the womens from the opposite compartment. The 22 Yo girl instantly called police helpline number and informed about the incident and the response from the policemen was just sickening. He laughed at her a disconnected the phone. Seriously, was that a joke to laugh upon which he found so funny. So where do you find yourself standing. I can bet that you could have never recognised even if it was your daughter speaking on the other side. The action was taken only when the video filmed by the brave girl was uploaded on social media on 12th July otherwise nothing would have happened. Culprit was caught but they need not to worry, it will take another 10 years for the decision to come, and all thanks to our superfast Fastrack courts running just like superfast Indian trains.
Another such tragedy took place in Delhi where a police Constable was suspended for masturbating in front of female colleague and touching two others inappropriately. What else can we expect when people deployed for harbour are harming and are involved in such disgusting venture. Thier fellow females cops are being molested by them. We are living in a system which is choking his own throat with his own hands and the common people are suffering. I have mentioned a few incidents and the list is long.
Every story is incomplete without a conflict and the villains here are the victim blamers. Some jerks are defending the culprits (sorry RAPISTS) by saying that if women’s can openly breastfeed in public then why can’t men jerk off. So we some bunch of completely mindless people who can’t even differentiate between motherly necessity and a jerks lust. A society in which a slight glimpse of women’s cleavage or her bra strip is offending for some men how can openly masturbating in public be tolerated.

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