In India, Where Even A Bra Strap Is ‘Offensive’, How Can Masturbating In Public Be OK?

In a country where a bra strap is so offensive and menstruation still considered a disease, masturbating men in public is the new cool.

Many incidents in Delhi and Mumbai have caught men shamelessly whipping out their penis and masturbating at girls. There is nothing wrong with masturbating as long as you’re doing it in a private space where no one objects to it. But in when you’re doing it in public with the intention to attract someone’s attention, it’s harassment.

What kind of culture are these men trying to instigate? What do they really want to display? All these offensive incidents reflect a desperate attempt at establishing ‘manhood’. Perhaps they think that putting their penis on display to the public will establish them as ‘real men’. But no, you’re not a real man.

In June 2017, a man in a train in Mumbai masturbated at two women on the platform. The girl immediately called the police helpline number and informed them about the incident. The policeman’s response was just sickening. He laughed at her a disconnected the phone.

Action was taken only when the video filmed by the brave girl was uploaded on social media. Otherwise, nothing would have happened. The culprit was eventually caught but he need not worry, it will take another 10 years for a decision to be made, all thanks to our super fast courts.

Another such incident took place in Delhi when a police constable was suspended for masturbating in front of a female colleague. What should we expect when people meant to protect us are involved in such disgusting acts? We are living in a system which is choking its own throat and the common people are suffering. I

Some jerks are defending the culprits by saying that if women can breastfeed in public, then why can’t men jerk off. The apparently can’t differentiate between a necessity and harassment. In a society where a slight glimpse of a woman’s cleavage or her bra strap is offensive, how can a man masturbating in public be tolerated?

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