Posted by Jayanti Saxena
July 22, 2017

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A very rare thing what people actually think of.

It is said that if you change the way with which you look at things, the things you look at; WILL DEFINITELY & CERTAINLY CHANGE. Life is a blessing of Almighty and how to make that blessing a real BLESSING is, how you feel about every damn thing present in this sphere.

Maturity plays a very vital role in any person’s life because what maturity does; isn’t even comparable with knowledge. MATURITY is that spot in one’s life from where he can differentiate RIGHT from WRONG.

Everyone is expected to be mature with their age but that’s a wrong popular opinion. As it is said that a person does not mature by his age but by his experiences and by putting away childish things.

Throwing away childish things is the prerequisite for maturity. But many grown-ups today are still stuck with all the negative childish attitudes you can think of in the world. Such people are just growing older and not getting matured. They are yet to put away their childish things. Maturity means giving away all your childish attitudes such as self- centredness , lack of self-discipline and blaming other people or circumstances for failure.

Failure to do away with these negative childish attitudes put serious limitation on our ability to become what God has destined us to become. Childish attitudes always stop people of God’s blessings because they prevent them from doing what they need to do, to become the best they can be.

Immaturity can be seen in many forms. Be it focusing on the people’s physical appearances or giving priority to money rather than having best people in ones’ life or be it not helping others with the threat of getting over shadowed by those you helped.  People now days are more self centered rather than being self less and mature and being others’ helping hand.  Everyone of us face such people in our daily life and it might have happened that sometime or the other we would have been amongst them.

Feeling envy of those who are doing better in academics, others who are very well taking care of their family and giving proud moments or those who are better off luxury and doing well. Our Gen Y people focusing more on materialistic hings rather than people. Being with those who spend money on them rather than being with those who spare time and share views on every possible thing. People are heading more towards IMMATURITY rather than MATURITY. Maturity comes when people start accepting what life gives them rather than being teary every time and showing dissatisfaction.

Maturity doesn’t means age. It means sensitivity, manners and how you react to every situation that comes in your life.

Sometimes problem don’t require a solution to solve them; instead they require MATURITY TO OUTGROW THEM.

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