Media Magic

Posted by Twesha491
July 5, 2017

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Media is often called the fourth pillar of democracy, a title which is unequivocally justifiable. You see we only know what we hear, see or read and we only hear, see and read what is written by the media.

Look at the past be it the emergency in India or the rule of Hitler, the first thing that was carried out was propaganda in the form of media glorifying the rule of the tyrants and misleading us  about the past events. Media is and will continue to remain the most important part of a democracy which is why its freedom is very important.

A media which does not fear anything or anyone can carry out its job effectively and keep in check the miscreants trying to get away with crime. Media in the wrong hands however can blow the world into smithreens and turn us into puppets who only know what they are told ( big brother anyone?).

Media too has an honour and integrity to maintain and a promise to the citizens that it will report and inform them the news without any subjectivity or bias on their part and not be bought or show favouritism to any party. This is the only way a nation can achieve stability and development. In today’s age media is easily bought and often times even threatened yet due to new technology censuring is becoming highly difficult. Take this platform for example where we can share our thoughts, feelings and viewpoints.

As long as there are those brave and courageous enough to stand for what’s right there is no one and nothing that can stop us or control us.

Together we stand! United we fight!



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