Menstrual Blood TABOO!!!

Posted by Nidhi Kalia
July 31, 2017

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Every month period create nuisance to me.

Girls are said to be Goddess Lakshmi,Sarasvati,Durga,Kali and soon.But how many of you really respect.I don’t care you mind especially female part that I am writing this. I felt it necessary.  I am a girl and yes I love myself.But I hate those girls who believe that we should not visit temples,stay back home at menstrual time.

What’s wrong with girls???

Male are got creating problems.But we ourselves are creating blunder mistakes.I love the most in the world is my MOTHER. But she also believes that girls are impure when their periods are on.I too have an argument with her.But I want to ask you girls why you are not questioning about this thing???This is normal. 

Once there was a seminar in my college when I was doing my masters in English.It was on girls’ problems.But when I asked this  question that,”Why girls are not allowed in temples when their periods are on? She didn’t answer but manipulated it. The teacher asked me ask any other question. Funny.

Mother didn’t slept with me when my periods are on. She even didn’t like that I should touch her.I really feel sad that how can she be like this.

I am not saying anyone to say yes in comment but what we can do to come out from this stereotype thinking of some stupid people.

If someone didn’t like it. It doesn’t matter.These are my views on menstrual blood.    

By-    Nidhi Kalia

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