Posted by Ritika Chaudhari
July 14, 2017

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India is a * Democratic Country * . We all have the freedom to speech and all the rights that a democratic country gives to its people. But, does everyone get an equal chance to access these rights.. Lets see.!

Keeping aside the Democratic country’s point, I would like to draw your kind attention to something that you frequently read in newspapers or watch it on news channels every now and then. It’s the most sizzling topic that strike our ears and jump before our eyes like every day, literally EVERYDAY!!

But what do we do? Nothing. People debate on this so-called sizzling issue all the time and land nowhere. No conclusions, no results, just loads and loads of irrelevant discussions! Sometimes serious issues end up in the mere setting up of rules or laws, which are never found being implemented at all.

Okay, so let’s stop wobbling around the topic and go straight to the point. Well some of you might have already understood what I’m talking about, still try bearing me for some more time. I hope reading this might end up being at least more productive than scrolling your newsfeed.

“Arey! Ye toh Sharmaji ki Beti hai na? Dekho toh kaise kapde pehne hai? Sharam aati hai ya nahi? Ab Maa-Baap dhyaan nahi denge toh Ye hi hoga na?”

(Hey! Isnt she the daughter of Mr.XYZ?  Just look at the way she has dressed up! Doesn’t she have any manners? What else would happen when Parents won’t care about their children.)

India has developed a lot. From high skyscrapers to new technologies every day, we have got everything that a developing country needs. But deep down inside our hearts, can we accept the fact that we have developed a lot? I don’t think so.

“Ab ye toh hona hi tha. Kisne kaha tha aise chote kapde pehen’ne ke liye? Khud ladko ko provoke karti hai aur fir candle jalaake apni galti ladko pe daal deti hai.”

( This was obvious enough to happen some day. Who told them to wear such appealing clothes? Firstly, they themselves will provoke guys to do stuff and then they themselves light candles, blaming the boys. )

These were the most disturbing lines I have ever heard. That too from a woman. A woman speaking such crap about other woman, Great, *Slow Claps* . It’s a girl’s or a woman’s fault if she is molested or raped. And someone please tell me where did she go wrong? Just because she wore a short dress doesn’t mean that she was provoking people or asking for it to happen. I would like to tell all those people out there who keep judging people ( especially girls ) based on their clothes, that vulgarity is in the eyes and not in the clothes.

“ Ye kaise kapde pehen ke jaa rahi ho? Vo bhi itni raat ko? Kabhi socha hai log kya kahenge? Tumhe decent rehne me kya problem hai?”

( What sort of clothes are you wearing? That too this late at night? Don’t you ever think what people would be gossiping about you? What’s your problem in dressing up decently? )

Many girls can relate to this, the “ Log kya Kahenge “ crap. This is a drama that goes on in every house. When your own families differentiate clothes in the Decent v/s InDecent categories, what can you expect from the society? Instead of telling your daughters what to wear and what not to, tell your sons to respect women. Wearing short clothes or talking to guys doesn’t mean we want it!!

I remember this one incident that occurred last month with me that forced me strive hard over this issue. I went out with my friends and was wearing shorts. It was not at all a big deal for me, those were just shorts. We were at the bus stop and what made us upset was the unwanted stares from people around us. They kept on staring as if they never saw a girl. I don’t really agree to the line “ MEN are MEN” , but still for once, the stereotype is over Men, but I was shocked how the women around us were cursing me as if I had killed someone. A lady came to me and said:-

“Tumhe sharam nahi aati? Tumhare Maa-Baap kuch kehte nahi tumse? Bas Ladko ko dikhana hai tum jaisi ladkiyo ko. Fir kuch galat hoga toh ghumogi rote-rote.”

( Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself? Don’t your parents tell you anything? Girls like you just want to expose yourself out before boys, and when anything undesirable would happen, you’ll be the only one who’d be roaming around weeping. )

I was SHOCKED! Like who is she to tell me? What rights does she possess to ask me for anything? I paid for my legs waxed. We don’t dress up to show other people, we wear it for ourselves because that’s the way we like it and we don’t live for others…. We Live for Ourselves!

Ask yourselves once, are we even eligible to use the rights we have, do we even deserve them?

And ya, for all those who have such low mentalities :- MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS !!



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