Mob Lynching: The Brutal Violence

Posted by Nishtha Rawat
July 28, 2017

The brutal reality of the 21st century can not be denied when it comes to war, destruction and many other forms of violence that have taken over. There are various types of acts of violence. But in India, there is a rising terror of public violence.

Public violence occurs when people violate take laws into their own hands. Looking at the situation today, mob lynching is definitely one of the most brutal acts of public violence in the country.

I won’t go into much detail about particular cases as information on those can be found easily. But what I feel is important is to understand what gives rise to these kinds of situations and how we need to ponder upon them to make them stop to some extent.

Akhlaq was lynched by a mob in Dadri in September 2015 on suspicion of storing beef, 15-year-old Junaid, was stabbed to death at a railway station and was called a ‘beef eater’. There have been many such attacks recently.

It seems like there is a campaign being run by some orthodox Hindus who wish to clear the country of Muslims. These people assume that Muslims are polluting the country by eating beef or by not being Hindu in the first place. They link all Muslims to terrorist activities. So basically the situation of Indian Muslims has deteriorated.

It’s not just about “cow protection” or the protection of Hindu sentiments. Even the condition of Dalits is worsening. Recently, two Dalit women in Bihar were lynched on the suspicion of being thieves.

From these incidents of public violence, a simple question comes to my mind, does eating beef make anyone a terrorist?

No religion teaches one to kill and no religion is above humanity. As of now people’s orthodox notions have made them fall to the standards of foolishness. But one should not interpret their religion in a way that it creates violence. Exact notions have been created for the definition of nationalism and the eligibility to be fulfilled to be a nationalist. We need to broaden our thoughts and concepts of it as uttering some words would never prove it and in that

These days, exact notions have been created for the definition of nationalism and the eligibility to be fulfilled to be a nationalist. We need to broaden our thoughts and concepts of it as a flawed understanding of it is a reason behind the violence. Forcing someone to utter “Bharat Mata Ki Jai “ kills one’s basic democratic right of rejection.

No one has the right to attack people of another religion, atleast not in India which is a land of diverse cultures and religions. Talking about Dalits, just because of some social strata made ages ago does not justify the way they are being treated today. The bitter truth is that many of us don’t care about the circumstances and the ugly atmosphere that has taken over. Many do care and their anger fills them with rage and hatred for such hideous acts, many try to put some efforts to bring about justice for the violence done and to stop further violence but are disappointed with no results. So they stop trying. Some of us care but none of us care enough.

Our honourable Prime Minister recently said,“Violence in the name of gau raksha won’t be tolerated”, but still violence can not be stopped until we make others realize that there is nothing above humanity.

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