Posted by KL Nehu
July 21, 2017

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The story happened 2 year before when i was working for Auto company. As i am moody girl and never interested to make friends. There i saw a boy who always stay away from the crowd and doing his job perfectly than hide himself in a corner as always. One day he cames to me for a help to solve some problems related to his customers. His problem solved on time,in between of all i came to know about why he behave like a lonely person who always in sorrows. He just had a brake up of his long term relationship with a girl. I felt sorry and courage him to move on in his life. Now whenever b we came face to face i pass a sympathetic smile on him.and he also started to change his behavior towards life. I was happy to see all that my just little courage changed someones life. But the things are not like as i was seeing. All things and talks of positivity became the odds to me bcuz he started following me. He follow me so passionally that he found my home address too. I scared to observ the suitation. One day he came to me describe all his feelings for me but i can not accept his feelings as bcuz i m already in love with someone else. I tried to convince him that i have a respect for your feelings but can not accept bcuz i don’t like you in that term of love n life. Now he started approaching me by his friends n seniors. I was just fed up with all. And not muture enough to handle that situation.And the result…i was mentally upset and disturbed. So finally one day i decided to leave that job and done so. But now he started rome around my house in late nights,blowing horns even sometimes shouting my name. I was so so upset n in trouble and was not getting that how the handle the situation. Time passed,and im little used to all this crap. Than one day he found my new office address too. That breaks my courage and temper. Now he start following me from my ofc to home. A number of time i decided to shout him and ask for what he actually wants but i can not bcuz i afraid of sociaty and people like after that how they will react on it how they treate me after all bla bla. Sometimes i thought to complaint about him. But our system is so bad that i never got enough support to do so. And finally the suitation is same as before no change…he is not tired to follow me and im not get enough courage to kill him..still living in the afraid shadow!!!! Pity very Pity on Myself!!!

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