Moneylife Foundation and Sanjay Nirupam launch the Tweet Morcha*

Posted by Diksha Punjabi
July 3, 2017

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Moneylife Foundation and Sanjay Nirupam launch the Tweet Morcha

~ Tweet Morcha on July 4 against Banks’ unfair charges ~

*Mumbai*: Sanjay Nirupam and MoneyLife Foundation Trustee Sucheta Dalal put out a video on social media calling out to all affected by unfair fees being levied on bank customers in a one-of-its-kind protest which they are calling the Tweet Morcha.

Tweet Morcha aims at unifying the voice of angry and helpless bank customers who are being subjected to exploitation and unfair practices by banks. Different charges that banks have been levying on their customers amount to unfair practices. Banks are charging their customers for innumerable services that ought to be free. Small amounts charged per person multiplied by millions of customers is the strategy that these banks are resorting to in order to make up for the losses which they have incurred due to bad debts.

“Post demonetization, banks have amended the existing laws and brought in new laws. Some of them are limiting the use of ATM card to thrice a month, penalising the customers for having a balance less than Rs. 5000 in their bank accounts, restricting the customers from depositing money in their bank accounts more than a given number of times, etc. These are means of recovering the losses the banks have incurred due to bad debts. But this shouldn’t happen at our expenses. Since the Prime Minister is extremely active on Twitter, we hope that our plea reaches him and he acts on it”, says Sanjay Nirupam.

“We have taken this issue to the Reserve Bank of India and Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister as well. But they haven’t paid heed to the request we made on behalf of the people of India who are being exploited by banks. Now, we need to take this fight to the hon. Prime Minister. Unless all of us protest in large numbers, nothing can change”, says Sucheta Dalal.

Sanjay Nirupam and Sucheta Dalal have requested people to join them in the tweet morcha and tweet to the Prime Minister.

The tweet Morcha is scheduled for 4th July starting 3 pm with people being asked across the country to tweet with #TweetMorcha #BankSeBachao and tag the PM.

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