Moo Mania

Posted by Twesha491
July 15, 2017

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 Cow, the sacred animal of Hindu’s also referred to as mother is India’s very own Kohinoor. She is seen on every road in the country and even prayed to. She is fed food by the people and in the evenings when you are driving on the roads if she and her herd decides to model using the roads as their ramp walk, you wait and you watch and you applause never mind that there is somewhere else you need to be.

Her power and entitlement recently increased what with her not being used as food for humans. Why would anyone want to eat her anyways, it’s not like anyone in India ever goes hungry or is starving for food. After all isn’t India the home of Hindu’s give or take a few minorities and isn’t she their goddess?

Is her life more precious than that of humans? What kind of a question is that, of course her life is more precious after all there are only 122.9 million of her species and humans in india are 1.311 billions. So what does it matter if humans are killed or lynched even under slightest suspicion of having killed her or trying to consume her. She is our Kohinoor and we must protect her at any costs as she is the only Kohinoor we may ever have. 

As Mason Cooley said, ” Moo may represent an idea, but only the cow knows.”

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