most of the time reason behind destruction is our heart itself!

Posted by Nilima Jangam
July 26, 2017

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The pain in heart leads to hate the person who is the reason behind it. Usually people fail to think practically when they are hurt emotionally. Physical pain can be cured or can be ignored for a while by diverting the mind or help of medicines, but the emotional pain cannot be diverted or rather the heart never allows the brain to ignore it. The heart controls the body, so 99% of people fail to think practically. Most of the time our body is confined to heart and its comfort. In such scenarios heart accepts some unnecessary or temporary things and people, even if they are harmful and are capable of hurting to the maximum level. The heart gradually starts to get addicted to these people and things. Sometimes too much of addiction leads to heart break and there are possibilities where the reason of heart break is “THE HEART” itself. Let me explain how!

          Things or people in life are the addiction of heart. They make life more beautiful. Some people love and care too much. But       when the person loves and cares unconditionally, the heart they love gets high on the importance and the greatness it get. The heart takes everything for granted. The person walks away for his self-respect and when the heart sees his addiction going away it shines and the attraction makes the person heart’s addiction. The addiction loves and gives too much of attention to the heart and in return heart takes the person and his love for granted, again. This time heart values the addiction less than the person deserves. And the heart gets less capable to handle the attention, care and love. And that’s the moment, the heart gets bored of addiction and the person. The bored heart loses its control and at the end of the day it throws away the addiction, who made the heart feel special and the important one. Right after the addictive person is gone the heart loses its value from infinity to nothing. It becomes a coal from a shining diamond. And then it realizes that the person who loved unconditionally never belonged to the heart because it never valued its own addiction. The heart never deserved being loved. And there the heart starts feels, the feeling of not being deserved for someone.

          Yes! The heart starts feels it because once upon a time the heart prayed for someone. It craved for the love and when the heart got everything it never realized how special it was! And how stupid the heart was to let it go. The feeling of not being deserved takes the heart on the dark side of life. It understands the value of love but doesn’t want anyone to love it back only for one reason, the fear it has! It is afraid to treat the love and to disrespect the person the same way it did before. The heart came from some darkness but the love of the person made it realize the value and beauty of life. When the heart feels the magic in life. The beauty of life attracts the heart so much that it forgets the person who was reason behind the beauty. The heart leaves the addiction of his life` for lavish and fake lifestyle. Heart reaches to the highest peak of enjoyment of life but forgets the presence of love. And when the person leaves the heart, it starts to miss its own addiction. The heart remains in the darkness. Though the heart makes up till the highest peak of success, the darker and sad side makes the heart blind. The darker side makes sure that heart never sees the light of enjoyment and never feels the taste of happiness. In this phase of life, heart starts to hate the love. When the heart was lost in the fake beauty of life, heart itself drew the person away. At certain point heart thinks that the person who was heart’s addiction gave up on him. But the truth is, heart is blind enough not to see the efforts the person made to bring the heart back in reality. The heart returns to the home of darkness with zero hopes and a new tag on it which says “not deserving!”

Still the heart controls the body and mind. And the heart dares to control only because of a reason, after suffering a lot “it knows its limits”. Either it’s not deserving and don’t have right to hurt someone’s feelings or it knows what it deserves and hunts down the things it craves for. The heart is strongest because it sees what mind goes through, it feels everything, and hence has ability to make the appropriate choices. Until and unless heart respects its addictions it can’t control them. Once the heart learns to control those, heart belongs to anyone it deserves.



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