my cousin brother haunts me now!!!

Posted by Amisha singh
July 12, 2017

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It was 3 days ago when me and mom arrived aunt’s place (my mosi) we were vey happy to see my aunt ,cousin brother nd sister then i was asking to him about his job nd all….and he kissed on my cheek nd i was ok with it then i continued talking…then suddenly he kissed on my lips very forcefully nd was shocked then at night we (mom,me nd that brother) and lights were off he called me and i came besides him nd he started telling about his girlfriends…then again he kissed on my lips i thought it was just bro-sis love(bhai behen ka pyaar) then heput hand on my waist and then on my boobs i was shocked bcoz i loved him as a bro nd had respect for him as he is good at studies i was unaware of his intentions then i removed his hands and turned my face to mom then he put his legs on mine i did not do anything then he pulled me towards him and started touching my boobs again then i stared crying silently nd in complte shock i had never thought that my brother can do this to me …with whom i used to play in childhood i cant forget it now also it haunts me !!! It was really scary.i dont know what to do now i cant tell this any1 bcoz no one is going to believe me.


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