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Need For An Anti-Lynching Law, Senior SC Advocate Sanjay Hedge Speaks In ‘’Guftgu’’

Posted by Md Hasan
July 19, 2017

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Hasan Akram

New Delhi: as the part of monthly lecture series named

Guftgu being organised at Sayyedain Manzil near Jamia,

Senior advocate of Supreme Court Sanjay Hegde got an

opportunity to speak about newly drafted bill named

MASUKA (Manav Suraksha Kanoon). In the days of rising mob

violence in the country, he focuses on the need of a separate

anti-lynching law. Now cases of lynching are registered under

sections of murder and attempt to murder etc. MASUKA was

released by National Campaign against Mob-Lynching which

Sanjay Hedge is associated with. Kanhayya kumara, Tahseen

poonawala, Pro. Nivedita, Pro. Apoorvanand and Pro. Manoj

Jha are among its core members.

In his lecture the senior advocate said that those who

commit lynching are not afraid of laws. They make video of

violence and upload it on social media, consider it as an act

of bravery. He said, incidents of lynching used to happen in

past too. For example, if a thief was caught, he was beaten

publicly and sometime it resulted in his death but those

incidents were not inspired by communal sentiment and

provocative emotions like today. Today, violence is taking

place due to ideological and cultural differences. A mob

winds up a man/group of human beings only because

he/they do not believe in their ideology while he/they had

not harmed them anyway.

Inside the drafted bill

Mr. Hedge pointed out some important details related

to insides of the bill. He told, lynching, murder etc have been

defined. Protection for witnesses and punishment for culprits

were addressed in it. Instant compensation for the victim is

also a part of this bill.

Hurdles to get it passed

At the end of his lecture, Mr. Hedge strongly said that

since 70s he has seen Muslim children fearing to walk on

roads of Mumbai, if they have wore kurta Pajama and now

he does not want to see this fear in hearts of the next

generation. ”Scare will have to go’’ these were last words of

his speech. But as history tells, the anti-lynching law has no

record of implementation at a right time. Even in USA it could

not be implemented when lynching was taking place at large

scale and it was needed most at that time. MASUKA, the

drafted bill is waiting for political representatives to discuss it

in the parliament and make it a law.

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