no world without girls, say no to sex determination kit

Posted by shailja relia
July 22, 2017

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Your son will leave you after his marriage but your daughter will always support you after her marriage. But than also you need a boy because you people think he will be your so called “SUPPORT  SYSTEM ” in your old age. This is not the case with everyone but today more than 50% cases we can see in metropolitan cities.

Now let me tell you why today’s parents don’t want a daughter. First 30% don’t want daughter because of their mentality. They think that if they have a daughter how they will walk in so called “SAMAJ”. Their ego gets hurt so badly that they kill their daughter.

Other 20% don’t want daughters in their family because of dowry system which we can see almost everywhere. They think that how we will be manage her wedding “KAUN ITNA KHARCHA KAREGA PAGAL HO TUM” So better not to have a daughter.

And now let’s talk about last 50% parents, they don’t want daughter because of “RAPE CULTURE ” no one does anything about it. Everyone is Ok with it. No one knows how that girl goes through all the tantrums she has to listen , how her family deals with all this. But SOCIETY you sit and see the TV and feel pity every time a girl is dead.

We all are part of this and because of us these things are happening. Just imagine a place without girls and to whom your son will marry.

“SEX DETERMINATION KIT” should be banned and strict laws shoud be made against the rapists. Than only a daughter will be able to born and our “SEX RATIO” will get high.

A big thanks to ebay india and SANAM band for their cause Noworldwithoutgirls and say “No to SEX DETERMINATION KIT”. It’s a humble request to all the people out there please SAVE GIRLS they will always make you proud and remember they are the future of tomorrow and will surely change the society.

And if you see anyone buying or selling SEX DETERMINATION KIT please complaint about it in your nearest police station because it is a crime or you can click their photo and publush it online.

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