Not Every Relation means Boyfriend-Girlfriend

Posted by Akshay Hariharan
July 7, 2017

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I believe that in today’s modern society the concept of Male-Female relation has been very wrongly judged and interpreted. Whenever we come across a male and female standing on a road or eating food together in a restaurant or posting pictures together we instantly come up with comments like “oh when did they start dating”, “x is y boyfriend or vice versa”, “why are they both dating each other” etc.

We must realise that their are so many other beautiful and significant relations too which must not be undermined. The real problem is such untrue claims knowingly or unknowingly tarnish the image/reputation of individuals. Now let’s talk of some relations which are stronger and important than a Girlfriend-Boyfriend relationship.

The most importantly is that of a friendship and such a relation does not need anyone’s approval to go out together, spend time with each other. Now I would anyday vouch for a best friend over a relationship because their isn’t any complications, feelings can be expressed truely and without fear, it’s developed over time etc.

The next is the relation of a Brother-Sister the most pure and pristine relationship ever. A brother and sister can console each and comfort each other like a friend, like a partner and what not but that doesn’t mean they’re boyfriend girlfriend. Also trust me nobody can understand a brother sister relation unless he or she has a brother or sister.

The whole problem lies with the ill mindset of few which makes it miserable for the entire society to be together.

Please understand I have nothing against people in a relationship infact I respect and value the concept of Girlfriend-Boyfriend and those people in relationships but that by no way allows anyone to call any random person as boyfriend/girlfriend.

I know lot of people may not agree with me but I’m sure almost everyone reading this has sometime or the other encountered such a weird situation where they’re wrongly accused of being someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend and thereby making it awkward for them and the other person.

I believe it’s high time that people become modern not only from outside but their mind also becomes modern.

I would thus conclude by saying the Best relation is one which knows how, what and when to value Friendship, Siblings, Committed Relationships etc.

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