#Not #In #My #Name – Let’s Introspect

Posted by Varalika Mishra
July 6, 2017

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By- Varalika Mishra

Various articles popped up after the brutal killing of the 15 year old boy, Junaid. I refuse to focus on the second name Khan as it has led to Islamophobia amongst the people of our society. The kid was killed by a mob on a train while he was returning home for Eid celebrations. Eid which is considered such an auspicious festival for Muslims turned out to be a nightmare for the little boy Junaid. The harsh reality is about a young kid being dragged in the rage against Islamophobia.

What was the fault of the boy; the fact that he was born as a Muslim? We live in a country where people of different cultures are given homage and our country is considered to be the land of diversity. Mahatma Gandhi always emphasized on the idea of tolerance and equality for people. Have we forgotten to imbibe the words of the legend in our lives? What has made us so intolerant and disrespectful towards humanity?

This article is solely written to question and introspect over our thoughts. Every individual can bring about a change through a change in their action and thoughts. Buddha focussed on controlling the mind rather than vice versa. The hour of need is to raise our voices against the injustice that has engraved our society and minds of people. I would like to conclude with an anecdote; A security guard recently asked me- “Aap kya ho, kaun se jaati ke ho?”

Me- “Mein Insaan hun.”

Guard- “Nai nai, Hindu, Muslim ya phir Christian ho?”

Me- “Mein Insaan hun.”

With this statement of mine, the guard smiled in amusement and I walked away. This incident made me realize that a lot needs to be done in terms of humanitarian behaviour. Respect of life, Article 21 of the Indian Constitution ought to be emphasized in the minds of people. Killing people in the name of religion is a grave sin which cannot be compensated on any account. Blood needs to be replaced with love and respect. We all need to be the change to see the change in transformation.


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