Not in My Name

Posted by voice_words
July 1, 2017

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Your mayhem and your cowardice

This against the humans vice

There is a fall for every rise

You cannot shattered our guise

Not in my Name


Red, the color of blood

You shed in the name of faith

In your suffocating regime Right will breathe

You cannot choke us

Not in my name


Our silence will change into rant

Your hate will not be our fate

We will be unite in this grate

You cannot divide us

Not in my name


Summer always bring rains

Zeal is still there in our veins

We will blossom in this strains

You cannot lash us

Not in my name


Every name you killed is alive

They will daunt you for life

Like a heatwave that rife

You cannot run from us

Not in My Name


We came with voice

Peace is our choice

Love will again rejoice

You cannot afraid us

Not in My Name



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