Oppression of women in india

Posted by Danish Irfan
July 6, 2017

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Not long ago the importance of respecting and protecting women was highlighted in our nation when a brutal rarest of the rare case like Nirbhaya case occurred in Delhi. The happening of the case were of extreme brutality and dishonor. It showed the Indian society how youth of this country sees women. The very mentality of males to get competitive with regard to their sexuality opens the stereotypical doorway of women oppression. The dominance of physical strength in men enrages them to act superiorly and demolish the right of women. Where is the limit to this? Are women not citizens of India? Are they not part of a free country? But in India women are bound in chains of conservative society. We take pride in boasting our well mannered cultural practices and how ancestors have encouraged women’s status in society of being Laxmi of the house. But this culture fails to behold the men of society in the limits of their freedom. The bitter truth which comes out of this nasty men women oppression is that we are still not considering the women equal to men whereas our constitution has declared complete equality.

The problem harbors in the way traditional values are imparted in society in a partial manner and the flexibility of practicing culture being given only to boys. Men take pride in the advantages they bear and wage their supremacy openly in society while it being supported by other men.

Recent case of comments and outrage on Priyanka Chopra’s outfit while meeting Prime Minister of India became a matter of national importance when certain radical public interest outfits raised this matter of grave concern. Suddenly austerity of modern India’s progress started to reveal, advocates of culture and moral ethics started frowning eyes and said PM of a country with such glorious past of following culture and ethics where women get raped everyday should be greeted with complete graciousness with decent clothing only. Arguments such as morally strong India can only be built by preserving our clothing conducts were made. Are we that stubborn to understand that the west world we try hard to imitate has progressed due to liberal nature of governance and progressive community stands? What should really bother someone is the talk between an actress of international repute and a leader who is extremely popular globally, both have changed the image of India to the west world in different ways and continue to work hard beyond boundaries to contribute to nation’s progress.

The frowns on outfit must shift the frown to cleanliness, hygiene, poverty, education, women empowerment, crimes on women and debate on such issues so harshly that they get eradicated from society. The more we talk of progress with the values the more we should let go of values holding us back and start thinking differently in order to escalate the pace of development of our country.


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