Pace of india’s progress

Posted by Danish Irfan
July 1, 2017

Are we really moving forward?

With the rise of saffronisation and advent of radical group politics to power, the one thing which is clear is the modus operandi of the functioning of government. What fears the fundamentalist intellectuals the most is the unconstitutional way of governance and rampant use of unauthorised power by extreme rightist groups who are the self-proclaimed guardians of culture and nationalism. The contract bearers of the nationalism have all the strengthened measures to keep the main hurdling agenda for development aside and indulge in debates unsuitable to a free and democratic nation. For instance the debate continuously grows around on how to protect cows from being slaughtered and slaughterers to be punished harshly, but none of the debate grows around organising the Milk Industry and Cow Culturing Industry at large so that farmers can benefit and use advanced measures to obtain milk and provide best care for cattle.

The argument to protect the National values which are regarded to be values of majority groups sometimes harms the progressive thinking of society and narrows the aspects of developed society inspire of broadening. What burns down the dream of visioning a developed society in India is the community bound thinking of Indians and devoting time and resources to the community’s causes and maintaining sacredness and integrity of cleanliness to it only. The devotion that India has shown to religions is appreciable and to some extent important for the world to see the cultural heritage in best-preserved form but the devotion has even led us to downgrade our focus and interest towards science and logical reasoning and to some extent law enforcement.

People in India have valued community laws over state laws time and again and go vindictive whenever an insult is posed to their belief. What has barred the development scale of the country is the sole belief of the Indians that spirituality matters more than scientific reasoning. In contrary to this stance Arabic countries too are much conservative and are boasting their oil and tourism economy which is naturally present, apart from that the people of Arab are not yet interested enough to explore galore of research themselves. The need for reasoning can only drive people towards education and hence towards progress. What has emboldened the restricted conservative ideology of people is the support from political leaders again to specific community’s interests above the common development interests. In India identity, politics is alike weed which grows unnecessarily and has led down the agenda of root level development in rural India via education and reforms. The major force driving change needs to be us and this force should act keeping pace with customs and modern education. Involvement of technology is crucial in this process and we have to make sure the outreach of technology to each and every citizen of the country.