Pakistan or China : Worst Neighbor of India

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July 9, 2017

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Pakistan or China  has a relationship which can best be categorized as what a local bully and his protégé shares. Pakistan has been on the top by the blatant support of China in various international forum.  Hostile neighbors have been India’s bane all along. Although surprising for a country known for peace and devoid of any imperialistic designs. Despite being the Big Brother in South Asia region, India has never bullied any of its neighbors.

Terrorist attacks against India emanating from Pakistan have been a constant factor. However, during the past 13 years, India has shown increased military restraint in responding to terror attacks originating from Pakistan. In large measure, this is because India has become deeply risen in the global economy, particularly with the rapid rise of its information technology services sector.

India’s trade deficit with China jumps to $53 billion in 2015-16. Should we stop Chinese goods inflow in India? The answer is an emphatic yes. But in International scenario it is not that simple as both India and China are members of WTO (World Trade Organization). Once India blocks Chinese products immediately China will block Indian products. India can face retaliations from other Chinese allies too.

But that has not deterred our neighbors who have been relentlessly targeting India over decades. We can choose our friends and enemies, but not our neighbors. India has to live with its neighbors whether we like it or not.

But unlike in India, where economic growth rather than security has become politicians’ main concern, Pakistan is embroiled in a bloody struggle against terrorist groups, many of which are allegedly sponsored by Pakistan’s own intelligence services. The country has been wracked with domestic terror attacks, highlighted by the tragic attack on the Peshawar Army Public School on Dec. 16, 2014. The civilian government has been unable to wrest real authority from the powerful Pakistan Army. And the economy has not grown fast enough to provide Pakistanis with an improved standard of living.

China imports only 0.8% of its total imports from India while India imports 12.4% of its total imports from china.

Pakistan is a failed State and if not for undue and excessive support from USA, it would have collapsed long ago. China is a real danger for India, and their first step of encroachment started way back in 1963, and since then they have been moving step by step. Congress Government is just dishonest are trying to conceal the facts from the Public. China appears to be preparing to take over the entire North East of India.

The Congress and the Communists are the bigger enemies of India than Pakistan and China. These internal enemies are serving the purpose our enemies more successfully than Pak and China.

A country that stands in one place (always professes peace) is going to be continuously attacked and become a habitual defender. Can India become a country on the move, one that keeps its friends guessing and takes the battle into the enemy camp?

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