Pan masala khana swasthya ke liye hanikarak hai

Posted by Ashutosh Joshi
July 6, 2017

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We usually listen to radio in our car and almost everytime we have heard an advertisement ending with a *fast speech*.

Pan masala khana Swasthya ke liye hanikarak hai

Or more often we hear

Mutual funds are subject to market risks please read all the terms carefully

Such statements are spoken in a manner which are not even understandable while driving.
These statements are usually at the end of a quite charming advertisement of a product which has certain terms or disclaimers attached to it.
Why the hell is it even advertised on a public channel if it is *hanikarak* to our health.
It’s quite often heard that

Tambaku khane se Cancer hota hai

Why should you even sell it in public then?
While writing this article I’m remembering my 4 year old cousin who asks his dad driving his car, “Dad, why do you smoke when it is injurious to health?”
As it happen in families, the question is avoided and each of the parent encourages their child to follow rules, develop good habits, stay healthy. But, when it comes to setting a good example, all of us love pointing fingers but nobody makes an effort to change themselves!
I have had a habit of smoking in college, started it due to peer pressure. But, surprisingly I quit smoking also because of peer pressure. There are people who have good in them. What differentiates is the ability to see the bad in the mirror and initiate a change in ourselves.

Stay healthy. Stay aware.

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