Purpose of Human Life!

Posted by Ishanki Tiwari
July 14, 2017

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From my very childhood, I’ve always heard that God is the one who created us. Including flora, fauna and the human beings. And why shouldn’t I believe this? Because the logic behind it was very convincing, that’s the reason why ants are not humans. Neither they have brain nor the ability to imply it properly! There is a purpose we got this life and came on earth with a heart and brain. Whereas brain helps us think the practicality of life but heart gives it an emotional touch. Because not all situations can be handled practically. Whereas animals are not capable to do so.

So from that day, this concept was clear on my mind that we’ve been sent on this planet for some reason!

But now the question arises what is that purpose?? 

There has been many such theories which explains our existence and then our improvisation as humans. Charles Darwin’s theory says that over the time we have evolved sophisticatedly. Through self-introspection I’ve realized that our existence is for us, to grow and flourish. Many people came in my life causing some good and bad experiences, which later helped me push outside my comfort zone and be a better person, in other terms to simply evolve.

These trials help to allow us to expand, to leave behind the less evolved and embrace the innovation in us. When it hurts observe, life is trying to teach you something. Thus, if we approach life with such zeal, we notice that we are able to break our old habits and clasp a more progressive self. I don’t know if my purpose on earth is to play the role of a daughter, a wife, a sister or a friend, albeit I enjoy playing these roles. But ultimately, my only purpose is to self-evolve, to continuously reflect and improve upon the old me. We must remember eventually we are here to self-improve and grow to become the best version of ourselves. By focusing on our own internal evolution, we essentially make this world a better place for everyone else.

Being an engineer, doctor, lawyer, banker and many more are just occupations which we have to opt for our survival but what is so special that we got such a beautiful life? By knowing ourselves and making our surrounding a positive and better place to live is the ultimate goal. By such thoughts we can make this world a better place to reside.

This beautiful life, is given to us only after our soul has passed through 8.4 million species. So make it worth it and don’t let your LIFE lead you or decide what happens next, take the position of life and do that job!


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